Big Man

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Big Man
S3 Big Man Render.png
Species Manta ray[1]
Hair color
Eye color Black
Gender Male
Location Splatsville, Alterna
Ay! (Make money! Get fish quick!) Ay! (Big Man in the house!)
— Big Man introducing himself in Return of the Mammalians

Big Man is a character in Splatoon 3 and one of the three members of the band Deep Cut, alongside Shiver and Frye, with whom he co-hosts both Anarchy Splatcast, the news show of Splatsville, and Splatfests. He is also the fourth reachable boss of Return of the Mammalians. His signature color is gray.

His voice actor is currently unknown.


Big Man is a large dark-gray manta ray, with white dotted markings along his belly and on both sides of his pectoral fins, as well as a perpetual sheen. He stands on his pelvic fins as if they were feet, and his eyes are closer to his mouth along the bottom of his body, giving him an anthropomorphic appearance.

Where a regular manta ray's eyes and cephalic fins would be, Big Man wears a white headpiece. It appears to be carved out of bleached driftwood, with red swirls an a stylized "M" painted on it. The hat is tied to his head with a red rope between his eyes and mouth; this particular fashion of hat-securing bears strong resemblance to classical Japanese bandit characters, such as Kabuki character Nezumi Kozō, a famous thief that wears a hokkamuri headscarf tied under his nose.

In Alterna, he wears a beige mask, which partially resembles an oni mask but with fish inspiration instead of a humanoid one. Unlike his fellow idols, it only covers his eyes and rests atop the string of his hat.

During Splatfests, Big Man's sheen is tinted his team's color, giving him a slight glow.[2] In certain circumstances he also wears a manta ray mask, which takes inspiration from Japanese hannya masks.

Return of the Mammalians

Big Man's Boss Introduction.

Big Man and the rest of Deep Cut are initially hostile to Agent 3 and the New Squidbeak Splatoon, declaring that the treasure in Alterna is theirs to plunder and that they won't let anyone else have it. Later, when the Squidbeak Splatoon team agrees to give Deep Cut the treasure (after using it to remove Fuzzy Ooze), they decide to become the player's ally and help them in defeating Mr. Grizz. Big Man personally gives the player a version of the Hero Headset with a transparent helmet modification, presumably to help Agent 3 survive in outer space.


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Big Man is the fourth boss of the single-player campaign, Return of the Mammalians, and the third Deep Cut boss. His boss kettle is found at the Happiness Research Lab Site.


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  • The boss battle with Big Man is a reference to the boss battle with Phantamanta in Super Mario Sunshine. Besides having a similar appearance of a splitting sihouette of a manta ray, the color of the ink Big Man leaves is also identical to the electric goop Phantamanta leaves (albeit with Deep Cut's symbol). His title, "The Hype Manta Storm", is also a reference to the mission, "The Manta Storm", where Phantamanta is fought.
    • His titles in the Japanese, French, German, and Italian versions also reference the Super Mario Sunshine mission.
    • Super Mario Sunshine wasn't playable in Dutch, but Big Man's Dutch title is translated directly from the English mission name in Super Mario Sunshine. Likewise, the Korean and Chinese titles are translated from the Japanese titles as most dialogues were.
  • In the Japanese version, Big Man is the only Deep Cut member to use standard Japanese instead of a regional dialect, using "boku" as a personal pronoun. This is because he speaks a different language than the other members; saying the word "Ay," followed by a translation in brackets.
  • Big Man is both a descendant of the Manta Clan as well as its patriarch, as shown in Sunken Scroll 12. A family tree can be seen on the left side of the scroll, indicating Big Man's lineage.[3]
  • Despite being called a manta ray, Big Man bears far more resemblance to an eagle ray: Big Man and eagle rays have their mouths on the underside of their bodies, while manta ray mouths are positioned more between the over side and underside. In addition, eagle rays have prominent pelvic fins at the back of their bodies, which Big Man uses as his feet; manta rays' pelvic fins are minuscule compared to those of eagle rays. Big Man's coloring also resembles that of an eagle ray.
  • Big Man contributes to Deep Cut by creating the backing tracks Shiver and Frye sing to, described as being EDM (electronic dance music) based.[4] He also provides vocals in some songs.
  • In the second half of Splatfests, when Deep Cut performs on the combined floats, there is a brief moment where Big Man's dance startles Shiver and Frye, making them build up more distance. This suggests that Big Man either sometimes improvises out of enthusiasm or that Shiver and Frye underestimate his size.
  • Big Man's musical and dancing style appears to have at least some Brazilian inspiration. Curiously, the European Portuguese translations of his Nintendo Direct reveal is the only localization where Big Man speaks normally (without any translation brackets).
  • Big Man is a good pianist[5] despite his lack of hands. He is also seen with a Nintendo Switch in the Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun Splatfest art, which indicates that his fins are able to do the same things as hands.
    • Possibly going against this, in the 2.0.0 update Anarchy Splatcast he asked whether or not any of the newly-added weapons are fin operated, suggesting he can't use the weapons used by Inklings and Octolings.[6] This may be the reason why he doesn't use a weapon to attack with ink during his Alterna fight.
  • Big Man used to find Shiver and Frye intimidating. When they approached him to ask about forming a band he was scared that they wanted to fight him.[5]
  • Big Man is a fan of Front Roe and "this one DJ from Inkopolis". He has learnt a lot from Front Roe in particular.[5]
  • Big Man made the demo of Anarchy Rainbow over the course of six weeks, with the process exhausting him to the point where he became "dried up like an uncooked lasagna noodle" by the end, in part because he refused to let Shiver and Frye provide vocals for it, doing them himself instead.


"Big Man" is a combination of his size and a pun on the shortening of the word "manta".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese マンタロー
From マンタ; romanji: manta, or manta ray, and the given male name suffix 太郎; romanji: tarō.
Netherlands Dutch Ray From the English word ray.
Canada and France French Raimi From raie, or ray and "mi", of the real name "Rémi".
Germany German Mantaro From Mantarochen, or manta ray.
Italy Italian Mantaleo From manta, or manta ray, and "Leo", diminutive of the male given name "Leonardo".
Russia Russian Биг Ман
Big Man
Transliteration of the English name.
Spain Spanish Rayan From raya (ray) or Manta raya (manta ray) and pronounced identically to the English given name Ryan.
China Chinese (Simplified) 鬼福
From 鬼蝠鲼 (guǐfúfèn, "giant oceanic manta ray") and 福 (, "good fortune")
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 鬼福
From 鬼蝠魟 (guǐfúhóng, "giant oceanic manta ray") and 福 (, "good fortune")
South Korea Korean 만타로
Transliteration of Japanese name.
Portugal Portuguese Big Man Same as the English name.
Translate logo.svg Internal IdolC[7] Being the third of the 3 idols and representing Team Charlie during Splatfest.

Speech in other languages

Ay! Ay!

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese エイエイ
Ei ei
エイ ei literally means "ray". It is also common call or cheer.
Netherlands Dutch Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
Canada and France French Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
Germany German Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
Italy Italian Man! Man! Likely derived from manta.
Russia Russian Ик! Ик!
Ik! Ik!
Hic! Hic!
Spain Spanish ¡Zasss! From the onomatopoeia that manta rays make when jumping in waves.
China Chinese 鲼!
Chinese for stingray.
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 魟!
From 魟魚 (hóngyú, "stingray")
South Korea Korean 만타!
Portugal Portuguese N/A In the Portuguese version of the Splatoon 3 Direct, Big Man speaks normally. The game itself has no Portuguese localization.

Introduction in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese エイ!(一獲千金 千客万来!)

Ei! (Ikkakusenkin senkyakubanrai!)
Ei! (Manta no Mantarō!)[8]
Ay! (Get rich quick, roaring business!)
Ay! (Big Man the manta's here!)
Netherlands Dutch Ay! (We verdienen geld als water!)
Ay! (Met Ray vis je nooit achter het net!)[9]
Ay! (We make money like water!)
Ay! (With Big Man you'll never miss the mark!)
Canada and France French Ay ! (Par ici la monnaie ! Par ici les poissons !)
Ay, ay ! (Raimi est dans la place !)[10]
Ay! (This way the money! This way the fish!)
Ay, ay! (Big Man is in the place!)
Germany German Ay! (Reicher als reich, Dickster im Teich!)
Ay! (Hier kommt Mantaro, der Mantastische!)[11]
Ay! (Richer than rich, Biggest in the pond!)
Ay! (Here comes Big Man, the mantastic[note 1]!)
Italy Italian Man-man! (Soldi! E pesce, alla svelta!)
Man! (È arrivato Mantaleo!)[12]
Ay! Ay! (Money! And fish, quick!)
Ay! (Big Man has arrived!)
Russia Russian Ик! (Живу на широкую ногу! Точнее, плавник...)
Ик! (Биг Ман к вашим услугам!)

Ik! (Zhivu na shirokuyu nogu! Tochneye, plavnik...)
Ik! (Big Man k vashim uslugam!)
Ay! (I live in grand style! More precisely, a fin...)[note 2]
Ay! (Big Man at your service!)
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ¡Zasss! (¡Botín y dinero siempre es lo primero!)
¡Zasss! (¡Rayan aquí presente!)
Ay! (Loot and money are always first!)
Ay! (Big Man is here!)
Spain Spanish (NOE) ¡Zasss! (¡Un botín siempre es lo primero! ¡Lo que sea por el dinero!)
¡Zasss! (¡Ante vosotros Rayan!)[13]
Ay! (Loot always comes first! Anything for the money!)
Ay! (Before you, Big Man!)
China Chinese (Simplified) 鲼!(一获千金!生意兴隆!)

Fèn! (Yīhuò qiānjīn!Shēngyì xīnglóng!)
Fèn! (Wǒshì guǐfúfèn guǐ fú shìyě! )
Ay! (Rake in the cash! Business is booming!)
Ay! (I am Big Man the manta!)
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 魟!(一本萬利,財源滾滾!)

Gōng! (Yīběnwànlì, cáiyuán gǔngǔn!)
Gōng! (Guǐ fú hóng de guǐ fú shì yě!)
Ay! (Buy low sell high, let the profits roll in!)
Ay! (I am Big Man the manta!)
South Korea Korean 만타! (돈 잔뜩! 손님도 잔뜩!)
만타! (만타가오리 만타로!)

Manta! (Don jantteuk! Sonnimdo jantteuk!)
Manta! (Mantagaori Mantaro!)
Ay! (Loads of money! Loads of customers too!)
Ay! (Big Man the manta's here!)

The Hype Manta Storm

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ふしぎせいぶつ
Fushigi sei butsu
Mysterious Creature
Netherlands Dutch De mantastorm The Manta Storm
Canada and France French La tempête de Méga Raimi The Big Man Storm
Germany German Maxi-magischer Manta Maximum magical manta
Italy Italian La manta tempestosa The Stormy Manta Ray
Russia Russian Атака суперманты
Ataka supermanty
Supermanta's attack
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Su figura raya en lo inconcebible His figure borders on being inconceivable
Spain Spanish (NOE) Su presencia raya en lo inconcebible His presence borders on being inconceivable
China Chinese 神奇生物
Shénqí shēngwù
Mysterious Creature
South Korea Korean 신비한 생물
Shinbihan saengmul
Mysterious Creature

Translation notes

  1. Mix of the words "Manta" and "Fantastic"
  2. The phrase "Жить на широкую ногу" ("To live in a grand style") literally translates as "To live on a wide leg". In this case, Big Man corrects the word "leg" to the word "fin".