Blobby Octotrooper

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Blobby Octotrooper
Splatoon 2 Octotrooper variant.png
Species Octarian
Hair color
Eye color Blue with green sclera
Location Octo Canyon, Deepsea Metro, The Crater, Alterna

Blobby Octotroopers[1] are a type of Octarian enemy and a variant of the Octotrooper that appears in Octo Canyon, the Octo Expansion, and Return of the Mammalians. Although this variant is only referred to generically as an Octotrooper in-game, the Blobby Octotrooper is named as such within the files of Splatoon 2.[1]


Blobby Octotroopers are variants of Octotroopers. They are identical in appearance to regular Octotroopers but ride a differently designed vehicle with red ends, glass sides that reveal several pre-made balls of ink inside the machine, and curved sides, resembling a gumball machine. Instead of the standard Octotrooper attack of firing a single glob of ink that floats through the air, Blobby Octotroopers fire two globs of ink in quick succession that bounce across the ground, making them dangerous in open stretches of ground but harmless if across a gap.

Sanitized Blobby Octotroopers ride a differently designed vehicle to the regular version. This vehicle has blue edges and yellow opaque plastic sides with grooves.


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Octo Canyon

Octo Expansion

Return of the Mammalians


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコトルーパーボンボン
Tako toruupaa bonbon
Octopus trooper bonbon