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Hey guys, Adster1005 here, and I'm making a blog for the Fit vs Rich Splatfest coming up this weekend! On one side, the lean, mean, fighting machines - Team Fit!!! And on the other the money-making schemers - Team Rich!

Saturday, 26 December - The Announcement

The theme is... Fit vs Rich! What team are you on???

Sunday, 27 December - Team Pick

Which team are you on?

Monday, 28 December - Preparing!

Splatfest T-Shirt, abilities being chosen, etc.!!

Tuesday, 29 December - Team Debate!

Which team are you on and why? Argue why your side is better!!

Wednesday, 30 December - Team Debate & Pep Rally!!!

Time to give your team some spirit! Give a comment, and the best ones for each side will be crowned Pep Rally Champion!

Thursday, 31 December - You Know You Love Splatfest When...

You know what to do! Fill in the blank- You know when you love Splatfest...

Friday, 1 January - Advice, Prep and Day of the Fest

What abilities will you choose? What gear? What weapon to use? What not to use?