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Hey guys, it's Adster1005 here and I'm doing the latest EUOC Splatfest Blog along with PeriwinklePanther32 and Sigma. This time it's Barbarian vs Ninja - What's your Playstyle?

Day 1 & 2 - Sat 23 Jan & Sun 24 Jan - Team Choosing

What team are you on?

Day 3 - Mon 25 Jan- Team Debate!

The fan favorite is back again! Represent your team in an all out battle of words, and argue why yours is the better side. Remember- be respectful to all participants, regardless of team!

Day 4 - Tue 26 Jan- Ink or Sink?

Twenty questions Splatoon style! Somebody will think something Splatoon-related, and we have to guess what it is by asking yes or no questions. But instead of yes or no, the person will answer with "Ink!" Or "Sink!" If you get it right, you win!

Day 5 - Wed 27 Jan- Pep Rally!

Today you can come up with a neat little cheer for your Splatfest team! Me, PeriwnklePanther32 and Sigma will judge who's got the best!

Day 6 - Thu 28 Jan- Barbarians vs. Ninjas Quest!

For this game, it's important to have your team picked, because the barbarians and ninjas are going to face off. Our stealthy ninjas are going to hide a certain word on their talk page- it's up to the barbarians to find the word. If all of the ninja's secret words are found, barbarians win! But if not, it's a victory for the ninjas!

Day 7 - Fri 29 Jan- Day Before!

Here's the day to give advice to your teammates before the big day tomorrow. Get ready, get set, and prepare to go!

Day 8 - Sat 30 Jan

Day of the Splatfest!


Well thats it for now. Make sure you participate and do your best! And can I just say a huge thanks to PeriwinklePanther32 and Sigma. Stay Fresh --Adster1005 (talk) 20:38, 23 January 2016 (UTC)