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Inkipedia Newsline is an idea I had for Inkipedia. It is a 'newspaper' with Splatoon games, stories, artwork, competitions, as well as Inkipedia stuff. See the page for more information. If you want to write for it, then see below!

SquidSisters.png Thinking of writing for Inkipedia Newsline?
Put your username and what section you want to write for or what you want to write about at: Blog:Inkipedia Newsline!

I would like to know how many users would want to write for or be a staff member for Inkipedia Newsline, as we will need a certain amout of willing users for it to work. (though you probably won't know what it is until you read the thing) I also would like to know what sort of ideas people have to make it better!

Simply edit the following section and put your username (or sig) and what section you want to edit in or what you want to do in it. Remember that since we are not definitely doing this yet, you can make suggestions for new sections or whatever. Putting your name here doesn't mean you will have to write for that section if we are doing it, or that you can't edit Inkipedia Newsline if you don't put your username here. But do so anyway.


  • -I can do some fun stuff in fun stuff, but I'll help with other stuff too. I will not be able to do a huge lot of stuff, see my userpage for information (I'll be less active).
  • ~SuperHamster Talk - Featuring fan-made artwork, and general branding/styling of the newsletter.
  • GogglesKunInkling(Talk|Contribs)- The storytime patroller
  • Skylar.png Skylar Talk Contribs I can help with splattergy, but I'm not that good of a player. I have some random fun strategys though, so maybe I could do "less pro" tips? I will also probably add some stories and/or art at some point.
  • Adamsquid (talk) 13:15, 12 May 2018 (UTC) I could help with Inkopolis News, as I’m positive I can cover lots of stuff happening in and out of game, like new weapons, sponsorship and Splatfests.
  • User:Squiddy Girl-I can do an advice thingy. Like the day before the newsline releases, you guys would contact users if they had questions and if they did, they would go on this pages' talk page and ask me something about Inkipedia or about the game they don't know that might make news like, "When was Salmon Run first opened?" and I'd answer it, then we'd put the question and answer on the newsletter.