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This Blog serves as an announcement page for User:KJ Bot changes and doubles up as a summary for its contributions.

Newest at the top.

Contact Kjhf for any questions.


June 17

  • KJ Bot finished recategorising amiibo (image) to amiibo.

June 12

  • KJ Bot moved the Testing Area to Shooting Range and update references.

March 18

  • KJ Bot made lower case redirect articles for all articles that did not already have them. For example Zink mini splatling to Zink Mini Splatling. This was done to aid searching (the search box is case sensitive) and not deter editors from linking to articles when it looks like a page doesn't exist, but actually does under different casing.

February 15

February 10

  • KJ Bot is now an administrator.
  • With the promotion, KJ Bot is now able to delete spam pages automatically. The bot will not ban.

January 15/16

  • KJ Bot added missing foreign name parameters to gear. For example this change.

January 14

  • KJ Bot tagged pages without images with {{images}}.

January 13

  • KJ Bot replaced {{s}} with Splatoon. This was done because of site search indexing and more Splatoon hits; it reduces page complexity by removing a template reference; and also is more readable in the edit window.

January 2


October 9

  • KJ Bot is now able to detect spam page creation

September 25

  • KJ Bot categorised Main Weapons by their sets. For example this change.

September 18

  • Title casing Category:Stage maps to Category:Stage Maps

September 10

  • Recategorizing Category:Music files to Category:Music

September 4

  • Template:AUEU to Template:EUOC

August 29

  • Moved bad filenames to more sensible ones. For example this change.

July 3

  • Created all remaining gear pages

June 28

  • Recategorizing Category:Hero Mode to Octo Valley

June 20

  • Standardized all gear files into Gear <type> <name>.png