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NA Splatfest- Burgers vs. Pizza!

Hello! This is Periwinkle here, with my first blog experiment, and if this goes well, my first in a series of probably monthly blogs. This is a pre-Splatfest and Splatfest blog, and I'll make one for all of the regions if this one takes off. For this Splatfest, we have... Team Burger vs. Team Pizza! How exciting, and delicious! So, let me tell you what these blogs are going to feature and what they're going to be about.'

Pre-Splatfest and Splatfest Blogs

I'll normally make these the day Splatfests are released (I was a little late on this one, sorry... :P) So everyone can discuss the recent Solatfest news. There will also be daily events to participate in, with something different every time. And I know not all of us are from the region that this particular Splatfest is being held in- That's perfectly okay! Everyone is more than welcome to participate in the daily events not matter the region- just choose to represent one team or the other! And wow, I'm rambling again. Time to get to the basics- the daily events for the Burgers vs. Pizza NA Splatfest!

Daily Events!

Since this blog was a little late (sorry again :P) there are only going to be four daily events because there are only four days until the NA Splatfest. All of the daily events or going to take place on the blog's discussion thread. And without further ado... The Burgers vs. Pizza Splatfest daily events!

Day One (November 30): Team Choosing!

This is pretty basic- on Day One, everyone will reveal what team they are representing or would like to represent if they're not from the NA region for the upcoming Splatfest, and why they decided to choose that team.

Day Two (December 1): Team Debates!

Team competition and rivalries are starting early on Day Two! The Team Debate is a full on debate about why one team will win the Splatfest and not the other, or why Burgers are tastier than Pizza and vice versa. Remember though, there will be absolutely no bullying or unfairness to one another just because somebody stated their opinion about their team. No insulting the other team!

Day Three (December 2): Topic Talk!

Day Three takes the time to acknowledge what the events of the Splatfest are all about- in this case, Burgers and Pizza. What types of Burgers or Pizza does everybody like? Favorite restaurants? Remember to keep following the Inkipedia Policy no matter the event!

Day Four (December 3): Pep Rally!

In my opinion, this day is really a blast- on Day Four, team members get together and create a team cheer to be published on the Blog discussion page to rally the team to victory for the upcoming Splatfest! There will also be a panel of judges (ask me on my talk page for open judge spots) who will analyze the cheers and crown the Splatfest Pep Rally Champion Team! So, bring on the team spirit!

Day Five (December 4- day before Splatfest!)

Day Four is all about helping everyone prepare for the big event. What weapons should be used? What gear? What abilities? Give the best advice to assist teammates and boost Splatfest spirits!

In Conclusion...

Well, that's it for now! Head over to the blog discussion page to participate in Daily Events, and if anybody has ideas for events for the next Splatfest Blog, contact me on my talk page. I really hope this idea takes off, and I hope that everyone finds it fun. Stay Fresh, and happy Few-Days-Before-Splatfest!

--PeriwinklePanther32 (talk) 23:47, 30 November 2015 (UTC)