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NA Splatfest- Naughty vs. Nice!

Hey guys! Sigma here, and I'm taking over for Periwinkle for this Splatfest blog. Let's get started, shall we? On one side, mischief, rule-breaking, and trouble: NAUGHTY! And in the other, kindness, rule-following, and thoughtfullness: NICE!

Daily Events!

Starting tomorrow, the daily events for this Winter-themed Splatfest blog will begin. Most of the events will be kept the same, but Periwinkle and I came up with a festive little event in celebration of Squidmas, so we hope you will all participate.

December 13: Team Choosing!

Pick a side: Naughty or Nice, and tell us what team you're going to be on and why you chose that team!

December 14: Team Debate!

It's time to get fired up with a friendly Team Debate! Argue why being Naughty is better than being Nice, and vice versa. (Also, if you could, try to persuade me on which side to choose!)

December 15: Pep Rally!

In the spirit of Squidmas, show us some of your Squidmas spirit (Whoops, I repeated myself. :P) and cheer for your Splatfest Team! The Inkling with the best cheer will be crowned the Pep Rally Champion!

December 16: You Know You Love Splatfest...

Today we'll play a entertaining little game: You Know You Love Splatfest...! Just start off saying "You know you love Splatfest..." and then follow up with a hilarious example! It's kind of like fill-in-the-blank!

December 17: Squidmas Game!

Periwinkle and I thought it would be cool if we had you guys prepare a little kind comment for someone who you look up to, or someone you have come to be friends with on Inkipedia! Refrain from typing the comment, but just ready it on a piece of paper, or something else just so you remember it and have it ready for the next day!

December 18: (day before!) Unveiling of Squidmas presents, and Advice/Preperation!

Today you ready your comment for whoever you chose, and put it in the talk page of this blog, and on the reciever's talk page. Comments you recieve you can more that definitely put it onto your userpage, and if nobody gives you a comment, either Periwinkle or I will give one to you anyways! Afterwards, we will share tips and tricks to prepare for the big day! (Splatfest!) Tell your peers which gear has the best abilities, or which weapons are best for covering turf!

In Conclusion...

Well, that's that! I hope everone can participate in this Splatfest's blog, and I can't wait to see what comments you're gonna give to someone special to you on this site! Okay, peace out, guys.

--Sigma talk 18:32, 12 December 2015 (UTC)