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It's been a while. It's actually been a long while. My copy of Splatoon has been gathering dust, and I don't see a Switch in my future. Because of this, I've become pretty inactive around Inkipedia-- actually, that's an understatement. I haven't regularly edited the wiki since mid-2016, and I don't think I've significantly contributed to the community since 2015. For these reasons, I don't know why I should continue to be an Administrator. Heck, I was surprised to see myself on the Staff page when I visited about an hour ago. My life's about to pick up in a very exciting way, and my days of free time to obsess over a wiki are probably over. Because of all of this, I'd like to formally announce my retirement as an Administrator.

I started editing wikis with the Club Penguin Wiki in 2011. That became a real passion of mine for a while, long after I quit playing the game. I loved the sense of community it provided, and I sought to emulate that with my favorite Wii U game, Splatoon. I started editing the Splatoon Wiki in March 2015, before the game was actually released. It was very fun to look through video footage and see which new items I could discover and make articles about as previews emerged. As far as I can remember, there were very few editors at that time, with probably only one other active wiki member. One of my favorite parts of the wiki's history was when the Admins were approached by the staff of Pikipedia about moving to an independent domain. Having gone through a long struggle over Wikia vs. independence at the Club Penguin Wiki, I was totally on board with the plan, as long as we had people who could maintain the site and take care of all the technicalities-- and I am very grateful that we have people who do just that.

I was looking over my userpage a few minutes ago, and I'm surprised at the number of projects I've attempted to introduce to the wiki. I'm still pretty proud of the name "Inkipedia" as well. :) This being said, I sincerely hope the wiki continues to grow and new fans discover it after playing Splatoon 4 in a decade. Hopefully all of the wiki's great editors will be commemorated on the Wall of Fame and we can have a class reunion at some point to remember the good old days! Thank you to everyone who's made this wiki a success. You're all amazing and I'm so glad I got to know y'all. I don't expect many people to ever read this, but I figured I should make some official documentation of my retirement so it's in the books.

I guess it's time for me to snuff my torch.
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