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I love editing on the amazing, ad-free, Splatoon wiki, Inkipedia!


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15:25, 30 June 2016 (UTC)

Everybody makes mistakes. Nobody's perfect. But all mistakes can be fixed on Inkipedia, and you can learn lots from your mistakes.
Mr squid 2.jpeg Mr squid Talk Contribs
This page is for Splatoon thingummies

-Cap'n Cuttlefish

This page is to hit Callie Marie Callie Marie's face really hard SMASH CALLIE MARIE MARIE'S WHOLE BODY UNTIL SHE CRIES FOR HER MUMMY! STOP!!!

-Maybe we should call 911/000/999/whatever the emergency number is in your country

The best Inklings are ones that vote for Callie in the next Splatfest.

-Mr Squid.

Inkipedia is NOT Wikia.

-Anonymous More sayings like these can be found here.

Hello Inklings, Jellyfish and an Octoling this is my newest, biggest and bestest best blog ever (or not)

Splatoon Jokes

Note:I made these myself. One of them I put on Miiverse got, like, 400 yeahs and I checked that about three months ago. What happens when an Inkling plays bowling? (This one got a massive amount of yeahs) -There us an Inkstrike!

What are Inklings' favourite song? -We wish you a merry Squidmas and a splatty new year.

What is Callie's favourite state in America? -California!

What job do you get to run over people with weapons! -An Inkipedia Patroller!

Top 10 Splatoon Tips

From the old blog These are my top 10 Splatoon tips. If you have any tips, you can add them in the discussion/talk.

1: Ink turf

Always ink turf. This just does not apply for Regular Battles, it also works well for Ranked Battles, in particular Rainmaker. If you have the Rainmaker and there is lots of your team's ink everywhere, it is a lot easier to get to the finish. You don't have to waste time shooting ink, just swim to the finish!

2: Throw Sub Weapons

Remember that you have your Sub Weapon to help you in matches. Use it to trap your opponents, block them, and/or splat them. Try and turn into a squid before up use it because after you use it you use it you will have less ink.

3: Hide in your ink

If you want to splat people, you got to be sneaky. Swim as a squid up to them , so they won't see you, then splat them.

4: Get behind enemies

Here is an easy way to splat enemies, in particular chargers: Find a way to sneak into the opponent's side of the stage, then splat them behind their backs! It is easy to splat enemies with chargers using this way because they usually just stay in one spot and shoot towards your teams side.

5: Don't forget Specials!

Sometimes you're too busy splatting people doing other things that you forget to use your Special Weapon (especially in Ranked Battles). Always remember check the Special weapon gauge to see if you can use it!

6: Press Button1 X.png while climbing up walls

A lot of people don't press Button1 X.png when climbing up walls. Pressing it repeatedly when climbing up walls will make it faster. This is shown in the Tutorial. Also a reminder, painting walls and other vertical sides of stuff will not count as turf inked for Turf War.

7: Avoid Super Jumping

Try and avoid Super Jumping as much as possible because you can get easily splatted by enemies. Only try and Super Jump if you are Super Jumping to someone near your spawn point or if you have the ability Stealth Jump.

8: Get good gear!

If is important that you use gear with good Abilities. They will help you win the match! Remember that you can get more slots or re-roll abilities by using Super Sea Snails in Splatfests.

9: Use shortcuts

In ranked battle there are shortcut blocks added! Use them to help you win!

10: Use Inkipedia!

Inkipedia has lots of good tips to help you win matches! Don't forget to check out other people's tips in the talk or put your own!

I hope that these tips have been useful to you and remember... Stay fresh!


Mr squid 2.jpeg Mr squid Talk Contribs

Inkipedia tricks

  • Type ~~~ to sign without a timestamp.
  • Type <nowiki> to not use wikicoding in part of the text, like what I did above.
Type </nowiki> when you want that to stop.

Or, you can just click on the button sith a W crossed out at the top of the editing box and type the "non formatted text" there.

  • To do strikethroughs do the same thing, except that you put strike instead of nowiki.
  • Type {{USERNAME}} to display the viewer's username. Don't use it to bully others, though. .
  • Type {{PAGENAME}} to display the article's name.
  • Type [[Article name#Section]] to link to a heading in an article.

My Splatoon records

From another blog I made. These are my Splatoon records. Mr squid (talk) 15:25, 17 April 2016 (UTC)

Most Turf Inked

Mr Squid - 1272p

Most Inklings splatted in a match (Ranked Battle)

Mr Squid - 14

Most Inklings splatted in a match (Turf War)

Mr Squid - 22

Most money at one time

Mr Squid - 155000+


Splatoon Song

Note:I made this by myself. Clever me!

Intro- I'm a kid now, I'm a squid now, I'm a squid kid squid now!

Chorus- Splatoon is the best, it's better than the rest, and every other game is such a pest! Splatoon is the best, it's better than the rest, and I really really like Splatfest!

Verse 1-

On the news I saw Callie and Marie, Then I went into Octo Valley I defeated the Octomaw, Then I went to the weapon store! I bought the new squiffer it's useful you see, then I went to Jelly Fresh to buy the Grape Tee! I did Ranked Battle Rainmaker on fact, Then I got cash from Judd the fat cat!


More coming soon!