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If you don't know by now, I'm a total Splatfest nut. I treasure every single theme and color, no matter the region. So I thought, "Hey? Why not create a blog about Splatfest ideas?" and I created this. So, I'm going to list some of my ideas on future Splatfests.

My Ideas

  Callie vs.   Marie
  Mario vs.   Luigi
  Hot vs.   Cold
  Amiibo vs.   Skylanders
  Skiing vs.   Snowboarding
  Danny Sexbang vs.   Ninja Brian
  Boys vs.   Girls
  Youtube vs.   Twitch
  Pokémon Sun vs.   Pokémon Moon
  MTN DEW Baja Blast vs.   MTN DEW Pitch Black

ShrimpPin's Ideas

  Rollers vs.   Chargers
  Blasters vs.   Brushes

Bzeep's Ideas

  Octobrushes vs.   Everyone

Safyire's Ideas

  Waffles vs.   Pancakes

Nyargleblargle's Ideas

  Apples vs.   Oranges
  Brains vs.   Brawn
  Krusty Krab vs.   Chum Bucket
  Card Games vs.   Board Games
  Adventure vs.   Caution
  Rabbit vs.   Turtle
  Friendship vs.   Romance
  Movies vs.   Bowling
  Pokémon Gold vs.   Pokémon Silver

InfiniteMusume's Ideas

  Humans vs.   Robots
  Arcade vs.   Consoles
  Forests vs.   Jungles
  Chocolate vs.   Vanilla (sponsored by Cadbury)
  Iron Man vs.   Captain America (sponsored by Marvel)
  Rebels vs.   The Empire (sponsored by Star Wars)
  Clones vs.   Droids (sponsored by Star Wars)
  Batman vs.   Superman (sponsored by DC Comics)

Splatoonink22's Ideas

  Inklings vs.   Octolings
  Goku vs.   Vegeta (sponsored by Dragon Ball Z)

Middy's Ideas

 Early Birds vs  Night Owls
 Retro vs  Modern
 Callie vs  Marie
 Summer vs  Winter
  Peppermint vs   Hot Chocolate

KantoxKid's Ideas

 Facebook vs  Twitter
 Mario vs  Wario
 Mario vs  Sonic
 Nintendo vs  Sega
  CDs vs   Records

Hero231's Ideas

 Kyogre vs  Groudon (sponsored by Pokémon)
 Xerneas vs  Yveltal (ditto)
 Wii U vs  3DS
 Kirby vs  King Dedede

Mr squid's Ideas

 Cake vs  Ice Cream
 Jellyfish vs  Octolings
 Turf War vs  Ranked Battle
 Judd vs  Spyke
 Bananas vs  Apples
 Walking vs  Driving
 Mario Kart vs  Mario Party
 Firemen vs  Policemen
 Hot Chocolate vs  Lemonade
 Popcorn vs  Chips
 Windows vs  Apple

KunaiMason's Ideas

  Pancakes Vs.   French Toast
  Smart Vs.   Silly
  Dragons Vs.   Unicorns
  Soda Vs.   Smoothies
  Spring Vs.   Fall
  Flowers Vs.   Candy

kmayasmith123 's Ideas

  Nickelodeon Vs.   Cartoon Network
  Technology Vs.   Music
  Fire Emblem Conquest Vs.   Fire Emblem Fates
  Disney Heroes Vs.   Disney Villains
  Christmas Vs.   Halloween
  Paris Vs.   Tokyo

ShrimpPin's Ideas

  Rollers vs.   Chargers
  Blasters vs.   Brushes

Bzeep's Ideas

  Octobrushes vs.   Everyone

CatRosalina's Ideas

  Woomy vs.   Splat Tim
  Fire vs.   Ice
  Knowledge vs.   Emotion
  Garry's Mod vs.   Source Film Maker
  MikuMikuDance vs.   Source Film Maker

Well, that's it for now. I'll be adding more soon. (You can share your ideas with me on the talk page, and I'll mention yours as well as crediting you!)

B-ron 3000's Ideas

  Endless Runners vs.   Match Threes (Smartphone games)
  Tacos vs.   Burritos
  Strawberry vs.   Cherry vs.   Blueberry vs.   Cinnamon (Pop Tarts)
  Ice Skating vs.  Roller Skating
  Sand Kingdom vs.   Metro Kingdom (Super Mario Odyssey)
  Big City vs.   Relaxing Beach
  Board Games vs.   Card Games
  Mickey Mouse vs.   Minnie Mouse vs.   Donald Duck vs.   Goofy (Disney's Mickey Mouse)

SteamandSlime291's Ideas

  Steamies vs.   Diesels (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends)

  Thomas vs.   Percy (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) }

DJParticle's Ideas

  Mounds vs.   Almond Joy (Hershey)
  Star Trek 2009 vs.   Star Trek TOS (CBS)
  Diagonal vs.   Straight (how do you cut your sandwich?)
  Live Band vs.   DJ (preferred party entertainment)

Fizzy’s Idea

  Skye vs.   Everest (Which girl pup in paw patrol is better)

Shahar's Ideas

  Fight vs.   Flight (Fight-or-flight response)
  Comic vs.   Serious

Splattersky's Ideas

(Sorry I don't put any ink colours for this!) (Hey, I did now. ;) @JGCatindig)

 Puns vs  Sarcasm {What's your preferred form of jokes? Puns or sarcasm?)

 Day vs  Night {When do you like to do stuff? Day or night?}

 Isabelle vs  Digby (Who's the best doggy? Animal crossing showdown!!)

 / Off the Hook vs  / Squid Sisters {Who's music is better? Do you love our futuristic beats? Or the Squid Sisters age-old Inkantations?)

JgCatindig's Ideas

  Private school vs.   Public school (Given the choice, what type of school would you attend? May expose lore bits about Off the Hook's educational background.)
  Broadsheet vs.   Tabloid (What form of newspaper do you read more? Lore potential involved.)
  Indy Car vs.   Formula One (The ultimate showdown of the fastest racing machines!)
 Film vs   Theater Play (What would you go to?)
  Traditional news vs   Digital news (Where do you get & trust your news?)
  Strength vs   Intelligence (What do you look for in a special someone?)
  Washing dishes vs   Cooking (Which household chore would you rather do?)
  Carbonara vs   Spaghetti (Battle of the pasta!)
  Soda vs   Fruit Juice (What's your favorite drink?)
 Fancy Dinner vs  Fast Food Dinner(What's your idea of an eat-out date?)
  Helicopter vs   Plane (Showdown in the skies!)
 Marvel vs   DC (sponsored, all media)(Comic giant duel of the ages! Now in Inkopolis!)
 Pasta(Western; spaghetti, carbonara, etc. ) vs  Noodles(Eastern; Ramen, Pancit Canton, etc.) (Which noodle is the best?)
  Free to play, but much paid future content vs   Full priced-game, but free future content (What gaming situation would you rather be having?)
 Western Conference vs  Eastern Conference(Who is the better NBA conference? Sponsored by NBA)
 Luxury cruise vs   Private Jet(Which way do you prefer travelling in style?)(Pearl's fam owns Manta Maria, hehe)
 Breaded vs   Unbreaded (How do you like your fried chicken?)
  • All on left side is Pearl and all on right side is Marina :)

JgCatindig's JoJo Splatfest Tournament

  Jonathan vs.   Johnny
  Joseph(pt2) vs.   Jolyne
  Jotaro(pt3) vs.   Giorno
  Josuke(pt4) vs.   Josuke aka Gappy(pt8)
*Semi-Final 1: Jonathan or   Johnny
  Jotaro (pt3) or   Giorno
*Semi-Final 2:  Joseph(pt2) or   Jolyne
  Josuke (pt4) or   Josuke aka Gappy (pt8)
*Final: / / /  Semi Final 1 Winner
 / / /  Semi-Final 2 Winner

Time to decide who is the best JoJo! 1st round Splatfests have regular length, while semi-final and finals Splatfest have and additional 12hrs.

AlreadySplatted's Ideas

(Sorry no ink colors)

Kirby vs. Dedede

Ink vs. Paint

Princess Peach vs. Princess Daisy

Hot Wheels vs. Matchbox

Mario vs. Bowser

Luigi vs. King Boo

Warriorking98's Ideas

(No colors)

Splatoon/Splatoon 1 vs. Splatoon 2

Light vs. Dark

Hot vs. Cold

Regular Battle vs. Ranked Battle

Millerhund89's Ideas

  Freezeflame Galaxy vs.   Shiverburn Galaxy
  Princess Skystar vs.   Silverstream (My Little Pony)
  Thorax vs.   Princess Ember
  Gusty Garden Galaxy vs.   Freezeflame Galaxy vs.   Dusty Dune Galaxy
  Bagpipes vs.   Accordions
  Blue's Clues vs.   Wonder Pets
  Bowser vs.   King K. Rool
  Galeem vs.   Dharkon
  The Mane 6 vs.   The Young 6 (MLP)
  Kingfin (Boss) vs.   Bonefin (Galaxy)
  Dash Pepper vs.   Blimp Fruit vs.   Bulb Berry
  Cuphead vs.   Mugman
  Luigi vs.   Waluigi
  Jack-Jack (Incredibles) vs.   Flurry Heart (MLP)
  Pokemon X vs.   Pokemon Y
  Ice Age vs.   Stone Age
  Super Mario Sunshine vs.   Super Mario Galaxy
  Kirby's Epic Yarn vs.   Yoshi's Woolly World
  Scottish Highlands vs.   Andes Mountains
  Fire vs.   Water vs.   Earth vs.   Air
  Pokemon vs.   Yokai Watch
  Voyd vs.   Screech vs.   He-lectrix vs.   Krushauer vs.   Reflux vs.   Brick
  Mega Man vs.   Cuphead
  Spring vs.   Summer vs.   Fall vs.   Winter
  Pizza vs.   Burgers vs.   Sundaes (Papa Louie)
  The Jungle Book (1964) vs.   Little Mermaid

eleven23's ideas

  Afraid of Dark vs.   Afraid of Ghosts
  PewDiePie vs.   T-Series
  Would You Rather vs.   True or False
  Spring Equinox vs.   Fall Equinox