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After Callie is saved in Splatoon 2's Hero Mode, the Squid Sisters perform once again, but split apart again. This time, Marie has gone missing and Callie (wearing a purple kimono that looked like the outfit she wore as a child) helps the player. Since Pearl became Agent 5 and Marina became Agent 6, the player becomes Agent 7. When Marie is discovered, she is brainwashed by DJ Octavio. However, instead of wearing the Hypnoshades, she is wearing a facemask known as a Hypnomask. Later in the battle against DJ Octavio, Callie appears and uses her Hero Roller to take the Hypnomask off Marie. Later still, Callie brings Marie to her senses by playing a Super Spicy Calamari Inkantation, and the Squid Sisters are together again.

The game's Octo Expansion took place before Splatoon 3. An Octoling named Agent 18 wakes up underground to find out that they were in an abandoned subway, and Pearl was separated from Marina (since Pearl won the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest (alternatively known as FinalFest or Splatocalypse) in Splatoon 2) while Agent 18 was battling Agent 4. After three of the four thangs are found, Pearl makes a missing poster of Marina and Agent 4. Once the last thing is found, the thangs combine into a blender, and Agent 4 rescues them from being smoothied but loses consciousness. While Agent 18 escapes, they encounter Marina, who has been sanitized and brainwashed by the repaired and reprogrammed Telephone, but in addition to the goo, she is wearing Hypnoshades. Later, Pearl appears and uses her Splat Dualies to take off Marina's Hypnoshades. After Agent 4 is defeated, Pearl plays Fly, Spicy Octo, Fly to bring Marina to her senses. After Commander Tartar is defeated again and Inkopolis is saved, you can play as an Octoling.