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Introduction by Mr Squid

This is the blog for Squid Sisters stuff (written by the Squid Sisters) like:

  • Callie's guide to eating
  • Creating Userboxes
  • How to tell if you're playing against one of the Squid Sisters.

-and more!

This blog is made by the Squid Sisters! Want proof? They are my neighbors! You can talk to the Squid Sisters in the Talk to the Squid Sisters section of the talk.

Well Staaaay fresh!

Note: The Squid Sisters talk about Mario a lot and barely ever link to articles. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hello from the Squid Sisters!

Hi there squid kids! It's Callie Callie.png and Marie Marie.jpg and we're doing this blog!


Callie.png Callie Talk Marie.jpg Marie Talk

Favourite Mario Games

By Callie and Marie

Callie: Mariokart Wii, Super Mario Maker, Mario Party 10

Marie: New Super Mario Bros. (Wii), Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Paper Mario: Color Splash (coming soon)

Music Songs comin soon

Calamari Splattack! Super Mario Bros. Squid Sisters Remix

A userbox for You

By Callie

WiiU Splatoon char 08.png This user is a user.

How to tell if you are playing against the Squid Sisters

By Marie

You will most likely LOSE Callie will use a roller and I will use a charger. The eyes 👀

Callie's guide to eating

Written by Callie

This is my guide to eating. Here are some top 10 tips on eating food.

  • 1 Eat lots of chips. Chips are good for the brain according to a website made by me.
  • 2 Don't listen to Marie. She will tell you to stop eating and that you are disgusting. That is all one big fat lie.
  • 3 Put lots of salt/sugar. The more you put the better.
  • 4 Don't copy Judd. He eats wrongly. That's why he is so ummm obese big.
  • 5 Get good quality food. Don't buy Marie brand chips. It comes from the toilet and that's where it belongs.
  • 6 If you choose my team for splatfest, you'll get free Callie brand chips. They are WAY better than Marie's one.
  • 7 Eat more dessert. The more, the better.
  • 8 Chocolate. It's the best!
  • 9 Avoid drinking lemonade. Lemonade somehow makes Judd get angry at you.
  • 10 Stay Fresh!

Marie's guide to sleeping

Written by Marie

  • 1 Don't use alarm clocks. Alarm clocks are stupid .
  • 2 Sleep in.
  • 3 Get at least 12 hours of sleep. If you go to bed at 9:30 PM, then you should wake up at 9:30 AM or later.
  • 4 Don't play the piano at night. Folks like me have to sleep.
  • 5 Never sleep with a cuddly DJ Octavio toy. It'll strangle you when you're sleeping.

How NOT To edit wikis

By Callie

Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15
Pi is 3.15

to a page then realise pi is 3.14.

Favourite Mario Characters/enemies

By Callie and Marie

Callie: Yoshi, Toadette, Mario, Monty Mole, Cheep Cheeps

Marie: Mario, Diddy Kong, Bloopers, Princess Peach, Daisy

Things we hate!

By Callie and Marie


  • Toothpaste: tastes dusgusting!
  • Losing Splatfests
  • Falling over
  • Brocolli
  • Luigi
  • Dropping phones and breaking them :o


  • Grass: I'm actually allergic to it!
  • Losing to Callie in video games
  • Vanilla Cake
  • Breaking the computer keyboard by pressing the keys too hard
  • Callie trying to learn 30 decimal places of pi (Mr Squid actually knows 46 decimal places of pi!)

Arcade Games Highest Level

By Callie and Marie

Squid Jump Callie: 20 Marie: 20

Squid Racer Callie:10 Marie:9

Squid Balls Callie:7 Marie:10

Callie's Favourite/Worst Stages

By Callie


  1. Ancho-V Games
  2. Moray Towers
  3. Mahi-Mahi Resort


  1. Bluefin Depot: That old metal bridge going across the stagevlooks like it will fall on my head
  2. Kelp Dome
  3. Urchin Underpass

Marie's Favourite/Worst Stages

By Marie


  1. Arowana Mall
  2. Hammerhead Bridge
  3. Ancho-V Games


  1. Bluefin Depot
  2. Walleye Warehouse
  3. Piranha Pit

Squid Sisters Trivia

By Callie and Marie

  • Marie knows 20 decimal places of pi. Callie knows 30. Mr Squid actually wasted hours trying to memorise 46! But he can recall 46 decimal places of pi!
  • The Squid Sisters help Mr Squid write his monthly section of The 'Shroom on Mariowiki. They give him ideas and test the game.
  • Mr Squid goes to the Squid Sisters' house once every week to play Mario games on their Wii U.