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Bobble Hat is a character from the Splatoon manga.

Bobble Hat


Bobble Hat has had 4 different main outfits in the history of the manga. In all of them (excluding the Octo Expansion Arc) she is shown wearing theS2 Gear Headgear Bobble Hat.png Bobble Hat. In Chapter 0, she is shown wearing the S Gear Clothing Green Zip Hoodie.png Green Zip Hoodie, and the S Gear Shoes Cream Hi-Tops.png Cream Hi-Tops and has the "Hippie" hairstyle. Throughout the CoroCoro Cup volumes, Bobble Hat is shown with the same outfit, except for her shoes, which were swapped out for the S Gear Shoes Purple Sea Slugs.png Purple Sea Slugs,. In the Square King Cup arc, she maintains her previous outfit, excluding her S2 Gear Clothing Gray Hoodie.png Gray Hoodie, and the "Haircut" hairstyle from Splatoon 2. In Volume Seven during the Octo Expansion arc, she is shown with the S2 Gear Headgear Sennyu Bon Bon Beanie.png Sennyu Bon Bon Beanie, S2 Gear Clothing Sennyu Suit.png Sennyu Suit and the S2 Gear Shoes Truffle Canvas Hi-Tops.png Truffle Canvas Hi-Tops.

Bobble Hat mainly uses many Slosher weapons, with the most common one being the standard Slosher. In the fan-made chapter for CoroCoro Magazine, she wields the Splat Roller. During the escape chapter of the Octo Expansion arc, Bobble Hat uses the Tri-Slosher.


Bobble Hat is shown as very cheerful and carefree unlike fellow teammates Specs and Headphones. She is also seen with an almost always permanent smile with her eyes closed regardless of what the situation is that she and her teammates are currently in, except when she was beaten by Skull. Bobble Hat seems to be the only teammate that minds Goggles' usual shenanigans of pantsing other Inklings.