Brella Good

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Brella Good
Come back with your brella or on it!
Type Online multiplayer mode, Challenge
Players 8 (4v4)
Ranked Splat Zones
Weapons Brella
Controllers Joy-Con
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Release Date 7 May 2024

Brella Good is a Challenge in Splatoon 3. Information about it was first available on 29 April 2024 at 00:00 UTC on SplatNet 3 after the conclusion of the first New Season Challenge and it was first available on 7 May 2024 during Fresh Season 2024 as the twenty-seventh available Challenge in Splatoon 3.


During the Challenge, all players must use a Brella-type weapon.

In-game info

It's time for a brellabration! Are you a canopy or a can't-opy?

  • Players can only choose different varieties of brellas.
  • Both primary and secondary abilities will be enabled.

List of Challenges

Duration Mode Stages Rankings
7 May 2024 at
Splat Zones

Undertow Spillway

Barnacle & Dime
Brella Good/Top 100 (May 2024)

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Plenzerpandemonium
Het regent dat het plenst!
Brella pandemonium
It rains cats and dogs![a]
Germany German Pluviator-Powerplay
Schießen, schützen, Schirme schicken!
Shooting, protecting, umbrella sending!
Italy Italian Assolo di sparasole
All'assalto con lo sparasole!
Brella solo
Assault with the brella!
Russia Russian Суши сплат-зонты!
Атака и защита под одним куполом!

Sushi splat-zonty!
Ataka i zashchita pod odnim kupolom!
Dry the Splat Brellas![c]
Attack and defense under the same dome!

Translation notes

  1. From regenen dat het giet, equivalent of "to rain cats and dogs" and plenzen ("to rain heavily"); plenzer ("brella") derives from plenzen.
  2. From pluvia (Latin for "rain") and the suffix -tor used for machines.
  3. Comes from the phrase суши вёсла sushi vyosla ("hold the oars", literally "dry the oars") and сплат-зонт splat-zont (the Russian name of Splat Brella, despite all weapons of the Brella class being available in this Challenge)