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Concept art of two different shapes of bumper.
This article is about the non-splattable objects used as barriers. For the splattable objects used to test weapons, see Squid Bumper.

Bumpers are a type of surface appearing in the Splatoon series.


Bumpers can be found in several different multiplayer stages in the Splatoon series as well as missions from the single-player modes, Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, Octo Expansion and Return of the Mammalians. They are colored in the neutral color corresponding to the ink used by each team; for example, in a pink versus green match, bumpers will be colored cyan.

Bumpers cannot be covered in ink and are generally too tall to be jumped over, allowing them to serve as protective borders for Inklings and Octolings. However, slosher users can splash ink above the barriers while still remaining relatively safe.

In Octo Canyon, Bumpers can be destroyed, but only if they are crushed by large Octarian machines, namely the Octoseeker and the Octostamp DX. When a Bumper is destroyed, it gives out no Power Eggs, and lets out a sharp popping noise that is similar to but not exactly the same as that of a popped Balloon or Squid Bumper.

Another type of bumper appears in the Octo Expansion. These bumpers can only be destroyed when an 8-ball collides with one. Some levels, such as B07 Fly 8-Ball Station and C07 Totally 8-Ball Station, are designed around the 8-ball bumpers.



Octo Valley

Splatoon 2

Shifty Station

Octo Canyon

Octo Expansion

Splatoon 3

Multiplayer stages

Return of the Mammalians



  • The official name of Bumpers was unknown until the release of the Octo Expansion and its mem cake. In Splatoon 3, the bumper replicas for locker customization are simply described as barricades.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バンカー
Netherlands Dutch Bumper -
France French (NOE) Obstacle gonflable Inflatable obstacle
Germany German Schutzwall Rampart
Italy Italian Barriera Barrier
Russia Russian Надувное укрытие
Naduvnoye ukrytiye
Inflatable shelter
Spain Spanish (NOE) Barricada Barricade