Bust & Run Station

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E01: No Whammy Station
Deepsea Metro Line E
E03: Don't Ralph Station

"Here lies the surrounding thang..."
Bust & Run Station
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Station E02
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Bust & Run Station is a mission in the Octo Expansion.


This station is the station in which the surrounding thang can be found. All the player has to do is to break the barrier surrounding the thang and interact with it. The barrier, as with the other thangs, is slightly tougher than the Rainmaker shield, and almost uses a whole tank of ink to break it.



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Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

Oho! It reminds me of good ol' Bluefin Depot.

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Marina's Quotes

There's something suspicious about this room...

Names in other languages

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Add French (NoA) translation edit

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 囚えしアレ、ここに眠る

Toraeshi are, koko ni nemuru
Tabetemi Sō Eki
The capturing thang rests here
Tabetemi Manor Station[note 1]
Netherlands Dutch Het vangende ding!
Mooi meegenomen
The catching thang!
Nicely taken[note 2]
France French (NOE) Le Machin qui contient !
Machinerie Sud
The Thang that contains!

South Machinery

Germany German Das einengende Dingsbums!
Depot A
The constraining thang!
Depot A
Italy Italian Qui riposa il coso imprigionante
Piazza Puzza
Here rests the imprisoning thing
Piazza Puzza
Russia Russian ...Здесь томится шушпенция!
Депо Тленское

...Zdes' tomitsya shushpentsiya!
Depo Tlenskoye
...The thang languishes here!
Ashes depot
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Aquí yace el trasto encarcelador
Intercambiador E
Here lies the imprisoning thang
Transfer Hub E
Spain Spanish (NOE) Donde se preserva un chisme
Cochera E
Where a thang is preserved
Garage E

Translation notes

  1. A pun on "Tabete miso" (Try eating it). It was a Japanese buzzword in the nineties.
  2. "Mooi meegenomen" is a Dutch phrase which mostly used in a sentence to express that something is an added bonus or an added benefit.