Bust 'n' Move Station

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C05: Stamped-Up Station
Deepsea Metro Line C
C07: Totally 8-Ball Station

"Don't just stand there..."
Bust 'n' Move Station
Bust all the targets before time runs out!
Station C06
Test Fee CQ Points 200
Lives × 3
and rewards


CQ Points 700 CQ Points 800 CQ Points 900
Mem cake Stinger
Music #1 progress

Bust 'n' Move Station is a test in Splatoon 2's paid downloadable content, Octo Expansion. This station is unlocked after clearing either Stamped-Up Station or Totally 8-Ball Station.


The player must clear either F04C05 Stamped-Up Station or C07 Totally 8-Ball Station to access this test. The shortest way to access this station is to clear F04C05 Stamped-Up Station.


Bust 'n' Move Station stats
Area Enemies Crates Armor Main weapon Special weapon Sub weapon
Side 1 N/A 4x Crates
1x Big orange crate
Side 2 N/A 5x Crates
1x Big crate
Side 3 N/A 3x Crates
1x Big orange crate
Side 4 N/A 4x Crates
1x Big crate


The player must break all twenty crates within 2 minutes. They will do this while on a large and wide rotating platform with many inkable and uninkable walls, as well as several grated walls. Breaking the last crate immediately passes the test. Since this test uses only one checkpoint, which is located at the beginning, running out of time or falling off the platform means the player has to begin the test from the start.

Side 1

The platform with the checkpoint has a launchpad which leads to the rotating platform, and upon landing, starts the timer. From the landing spot, there is a crate straight ahead and to the right is a way to a raised area with a column in the center having a crate on top of it. The raised platform also has one crate on its right and left sides. Also from the landing spot, there is a grate visible to the right with a big orange crate on it, which is hard to break before the platform will rotate. Yet again from the landing spot, turning around leads to a grated wall.

Side 2

Going against the rotation of the platform leads to the second side of the platform. Straight ahead is a crate on a column, while another crate is located behind that column. There is a way to the right leading to another crate with a raised area next to it. On top of this area is a big crate while there are two crates attached to its wall.

Side 3

Going against the rotation again leads to a crate attached to a wall. To the left is a way to a glass floor which has a crate attached to the side of it. To the right is a lowered area with a crate on a glass floor and a bit further there is a big orange crate attached to the underside of a grate, which is the same as the crate on the first side. There is another crate attached to a wall when going down the lowered area and turning around. From the center of the side, a big orange crate is located on top of the raised platform.

Side 4

Going against the rotation yet again leads to a small gap with two crates attached to the walls and a big crate across the gap. To the right, there is a crate on a column on its side. To the left of the gap is a lowered area with another crate. Across the gap leads to a grate which is the aforementioned grated wall from side 1.


  • Prepare to head to the next side when the platform will start to rotate. This is indicated by flashing lights and a sound.
  • The crates don't have to be broken in one cycle. One cycle takes around 38 seconds, which means there are less than four cycles in which all crates have to be broken.


Mem cake

When problems stack too tall to see,
Just chip away and, day by day,
You'll grow to live a life carefree.

Completing this test awards the player with the Stinger mem cake.

Enemies and mechanics

Previously introduced


C.Q. Cumber's Quotes

Please destroy all 20 target crates before time runs out.
The structure will rotate out from under you, so be sure to lay down some ink.
The timer will start once you've jumped in.
You ran out of time—test failed.

Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

Whoa ho—it's spinning!
Halfway there—don't get complacent!

Marina's Quotes

Listen up—you need to bust all 20 target crates before time runs out!
Almost done, Agent 8!

Pearl's Quotes

Jump on in to get things started.
Rotation imminent!
One left—where is it?!




The title and subtitle for this station are references to the 1989 dance/rap song Bust a Move by Young MC.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 回転率の高いカフェで
時間内に マト 全部こわせ!

Kaitenritsu no takai kafe de:
Chashiba Ku Eki
Jikan uchi ni Mato zenbu kowase!
At a quick rotation cafe:
Chashiba Area Station[note 1]
Take down all the targets in time!
Netherlands Dutch Versplinterde aanpak
Vind je draai met houtbewerking
Breek alle kisten voordat de tijd om is!
Splintery approach
Find your twist with woodworking[note 2]
Break all boxes before the time runs out!
Canada French (NOA) Ça tourne, oh que ça tourne!
Thé pour deux
Détruis toutes les cibles dans le temps imparti!
It spins, oh how much it spins!
Tea for two
Destroy all the targets in the given time!
France French (NOE) Tournicotis, tournis coton !
Chantier Chanmé
Détruis toutes les cibles dans le temps imparti !
Twirl, twirl cotton!
Meanie Shipyard[note 3]
Destroy all the targets in the given time!
Germany German Oben ist das neue Unten!
Zerstöre alle Ziele innerhalb des Zeitlimits!
Up is the new down!
Rotationbeuren[note 4]
Destroy all targets under a time-limit!
Italy Italian Armati più del cemento
Forte Calcespruzzo
Distruggi tutti i bersagli prima che scada il tempo!
Armed more than cement
Fort Concrete[note 5]
Destroy all the targets before the time runs out!
Russia Russian ...И чашки, прибитые к столу.
Плюхни все ящики за отведенное время!

...I chashki, pribityye k stolu.
Plyukhni vse yashchiki za otvedennoye vremya!
And cups nailed to the table.
Tea for two Town Station[note 6]
Splash all the boxes in the allotted time!
SpainMexico Spanish Lugar de ocio cambiante
Destruye todas las dianas a tiempo.
Movable entertainment place
Destroy all targets in time.

Translation notes

  1. A pun on "Cha shibaku" (have some tea) and is an Osaka dialect slang word.
  2. Comes from "je draai vinden", a Dutch expression meaning "to get used to (doing) something".
  3. "Chanmé" is verlan (slang consisting of words turned around) for "méchant" (mean, bad).
  4. Comes from 'rotation' and "-beuren", a suffix found in certain German city and district names.
  5. "Calcespruzzo" is the combination of the words "calcestruzzo" (concrete) and "spruzzo" (splash).
  6. References the Russian musical group called "Чай Вдвоём" "Chay Vdvoyom", which translates as "Tea for Two".