Bust 'n' Move Station

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C05: Stamped-Up Station
Deepsea Metro Line C
C07: Totally 8-Ball Station

"Don't just stand there..."
Bust 'n' Move Station
Bust all the targets before time runs out!
Dm mC06.jpg
Station C06
Test Fee CQ Points 200
Lives S2 font - octopus glyph.svg x 3
Weapons and rewards

S2 Weapon Main Slosher.pngS2 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png

S2 Weapon Main Splattershot.pngS2 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png
 Kamabo Logo.pngRec 

S2 Weapon Main Classic Squiffer.pngS2 Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png
CQ Points 700 CQ Points 800 CQ Points 900

Mem cake S2 Mem Cake Stinger.png Stinger
Music #1 progress
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Bust 'n' Move Station is a mission in the Octo Expansion.


The player must destroy twenty crates of varying size and durability on a rotating platform without enemies within a two-minute time limit. The platform is large and wide with many inkable and uninkable walls, as well as several grated walls.



S2 Icon C.Q. Cumber 2.png
C.Q. Cumber's Quotes

Please destroy all 20 target crates before time runs out.
The structure will rotate out from under you, so be sure to lay down some ink.
The timer will start once you jumped in.
You ran out of time - test failed.

S2 Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish.png
Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

Whoa ho - it's spinning!
Halfway there - don't get complacent!

S2 Icon Marina 2.png
Marina's Quotes

Listen up - you need to bust all 20 target crates before time runs out!
Almost done, Agent 8!

S2 Icon Pearl 2.png
Pearl's Quotes

Jump on in to get things started.
Rotation imminent!


  • The English title and subtitle for this station are references to the 1989 dance/rap song Bust a Move by Young MC.
  • This station has a Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter, Nintendo e-Reader and GBA screen magnifier floating around in the background.
  • The Japanese name of this station is a pun on "Cha shibaku" (have some tea) and is an Osaka dialect slang word.

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese 回転率の高いカフェで
時間内に マト 全部こわせ!
Kaitenritsu no takai kafe de:
Chashiba Ku Eki
Jikan uchi ni Mato zenbu kowase!
At a quick rotation cafe:
Chashiba Area Station
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Versplinterde aanpak
Vind je draai met houtbewerking
Breek alle kisten voordat de tijd om is!
Splintery approach
Find your twist with woodworking[note 1]
Break all boxes before the time runs out!
FlagFrance.svg French Tournicotis, tournis coton !
Chantier Chanmé[note 2]
Détruis toutes les cibles dans le temps imparti !

Meanie Shipyard
Destroy all the targets in the given time!
FlagGermany.svg German Oben ist das neue Unten!
Zerstöre alle Ziele innerhalb des Zeitlimits!
Up is the new down!
Rotationbeuren[note 3]
Destroy all targets under a time-limit!
FlagItaly.svg Italian Armati più del cemento
Forte Calcespruzzo
Distruggi tutti i bersagli prima che scada il tempo!
Armed more than cement
Fort Concrete[note 4]
Destroy all the targets before the time runs out!
FlagRussia.svg Russian ...И чашки, прибитые к столу.
Плюхни все ящики за отведенное время!
...I chashki, pribityye k stolu.
Plyukhni vse yashchiki za otvedennoye vremya!
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Lugar de ocio cambiante
Destruye todas las dianas a tiempo.
Movable entertainmet place
Destroy all targets in time.

Translation notes

  1. Comes from "je draai vinden", a Dutch expression meaning "to get used to (doing) something".
  2. "Chanmé" is verlan (slang consisting of words turned around) for "méchant" (mean, bad).
  3. Comes from 'rotation' and "-beuren", a suffix found in certain German city and district names.
  4. "Calcespruzzo" is the combination of the words "calcestruzzo" (concrete) and "spruzzo" (splash).

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