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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.


Location North America
Captain CryptikSpoon
Player Changes

CUTE! was a competitive Splatoon team.


The CUTE! emblem.

The team was the result of the merge between former members of CQC, JFG, and NSTC.

In mid September, 2016, the team saw the departure of former member, co-founder, and co-captain C.A. from the team.

During late November, 2016, the team merged with Reverse Rebirth, another competitive Splatoon team.[1] Shortly after, the team unofficially entered an undisclosed hiatus, with many of their members taking a break from competitive Splatoon.[2] The end result was the unofficial disbandment of the team.


  • Bleck?
  • casualpleb
  • CryptikSpoon
  • AloeVera
  • DTM
  • Leo
  • polysaw
  • rilakkuma
  • Silver
  • your waifu

Leagues Under the Ink

For the main article, see Leagues Under the Ink.

Season 2

They were in Division B (GROUP A).

Season 3

They were in Division A (GROUP A).

Tournament Placements

Tournament Date Place
Messtival! 5 May 15th, 2016 17th [3]
Cloudburst May 22nd, 2016 17th [4]
Oceanink Offensive (June Open) June 11th, 2016 4th [5]
THE Nimbus - RM Only June 19th, 2016 2nd [6]
Nimbus Lunar July 8th, 2016 6th [7]
Monsoon Splat Two July 24th, 2016 1st [8]
LUTI Rockenberg Playoffs August 14th-21st, 2016 1st [9]
Oceanink Offensive (August Open) August 26th, 2016 1st [10]
Spyke It Up! September 2nd, 2016 N/A [11]
Zapfish Rescue Force #1 September 4th, 2016 7th [12]
Something Fishy Splatoon Tournament October 2nd, 2016 3rd [13]
Friday Night Splatdown 5 October 14th, 2016 4th [14]
Just Another Saturday Tournament October 15th, 2016 5th [15]
Hope Tourney 2 November 1st, 2016 6th [16]
Hope Tourney 3 November 15th, 2016 5th [17]
LUTI SquidForce Playoffs November 28th-December 11th, 2016 N/A [18]
NNCL Astral IX December 16th, 2016 9th [19]