Camp Jellyfish

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Promotional image of the site released in Splatoon 2

Camp Jellyfish is a campsite used by jellyfish that can be seen across the lake on both sides of Camp Triggerfish. It cannot be physically accessed in-game.


Camp Jellyfish is located in a heavily wooded area surrounded by a large mountain range. It is similar in appearance to Camp Triggerfish, consisting mainly of a large wooden fort. However, it also includes a dock, multiple canoes, and tents displaying images of ink splatters with eyes. Jellyfish can be seen here performing various actions, such as jumping in a canoe, sitting by the lake, and climbing on the fort.


  • Parachuters can sometimes be seen over Camp Triggerfish and, by extension, Camp Jellyfish. It is possible that they are jellyfish who have come to enjoy the camp.