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Octo Valley

Introductory dialogue when the player enters Octo Valley for the first time:

FlagUSA.svg North America

Th-th-the... Oc-Oc-Oct... The Octarians are coming! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh, uh, hi... Guess I lost my cool for a minute there! I'm Cap'n Cuttlefish, leader of the legendary Squidbeak Splatoon! That look in your eye... It's the look I've been lookin' for! The Great Zapfish that powers Inkopolis has been squidnapped! Nobody believes me, but it's the work of the Octarians! I just know it! They want revenge for the Great Turf War of 100 years ago! I've been keepin' an eye on them this whole time, of course... But they stole the Great Zapfish right out from under my nose! Please! You gotta help me rescue the Great Zapfish! ... ... ... So... I'm gonna take your silence as a yes. Starting today, you are Agent 3 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon! This is your brand-new Hero Suit! It'll help you fight the Octarians. What a great fit! (For a hand-me-down from Agents 1 and 2...) Now let's go get those Octojerks! I'm countin' on you, bucko!

FlagEurope.svg Europe and Oceania

Th-th-the-! Th-the Oc- Oc- Oc-... The Octarians are coming! Ahh! I'm sorry, I lost my cool for a moment there! I'm Cap'n Cuttlefish, leader of the legendary Squidbeak Splatoon! That look in your eyes... I've been waiting for a young 'un like you! The Great Zapfish that powers Inkopolis has vanished! And though nobody will believe me, it's the work of Octarians! They're after revenge for their defeat in the war 100 years ago! I was keeping a watchful eye on them myself, of course... But they stole the Great Zapfish from right under my nose! Please! You must help me recover the Great Zapfish! ... ... ... ... ... ... I'll take your silence to mean, 'yes, of course I'll help!' Starting today, you are Agent 3 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon! Take this special Hero Suit - it will help you withstand their ink! What a perfect fit! (For a hand-me-down from Agents 1 and 2...) Now, let's go beat those nasty Octarians! I'm counting on you!

Pressing Button1 A.png in front of Cap'n Cuttlefish in Octo Valley will prompt a short piece of dialogue from him.

FlagUSA.svg North America

Before defeating DJ Octavio

After defeating DJ Octavio

FlagEurope.svg Europe and Oceania

Before defeating DJ Octavio

After defeating DJ Octavio

  • "Ah, Agent 3! Are you doing well in the Turf Wars?"
  • "Ain't I just the freshest feller you ever saw?"
  • "If you have trouble in the field, remember my Rules of Battle!"
  • "Agents 1 and 2 are busy with a mission. ...What was it again?
  • "We need to keep the theft of the Zapfish a secret, OK?"
  • "They used to call me the Great Bluefin Cuttlefish, you know!"
  • "The wind... is blowing."
  • "Why yes, Agents 1 and 2 are my grandkids. Didn't I mention?"
  • "With DJ Octavio here, the Zapfish won't be stolen again!"
  • "...............................................................Oops! I fell asleep!

FlagJapan.svg Japan

Before defeating DJ Octavio

  • 「街の若いのは、デンチナマズがぬすまれとる、 っちゅう話を 信じてくれんのじゃ…」
(None of the kids in the city believe Zapfish are getting stolen…)
  • 「デンチナマズを集めて、 オオデンチナマズを 取り戻すんじゃ!」
(Gather the Zapfish, and take back the Great Zapfish!)
  • 「ハイカラシティに落ちたUFOは まさしく オクタリアンのモノじゃ」
(The crashed UFO in Inkopolis is definitely the Octarians'.)
  • 「ヒーロースーツ… よく似合っておる」
(The Hero Suit… it really suits you.)
  • 「3号を見とると、 孫を思い出すわィ」
(Agent 3, you remind me of my grandkids.)
  • 「こう見えても昔、 戦場ではブイブイ言わせたもんじゃ」
(I don't look like it now, but I was great on the battlefield way back when.)
  • 「ワシはもうトシじゃから インクがたまらんのじゃ… おヌシのように、 みなぎる若さが 欲しいのゥ」
(I'm too old to regenerate Ink… Wish I were young like you.)
  • 「暖かいのゥ… 絶好の 天日干し日和じゃ」
(It's a warm day… perfect for drying things in the sun.)
  • 「………………………………………………… …おぉ、 ねとったわィ」
(……………………………………………………Oops, I was asleep.)
  • Button1 ZL.pngダッシュして ジャンプ、もぐって かくれる… インクを上手く Button1 ZR.png塗ることが 勝利への近道じゃ」
(Button1 ZL.png Swim and jump, dive and hide… Skillful Inking with Button1 ZR.png is the quickest way to victory.)

After defeating DJ Octavio

  • 「オクタリアンにデンチナマズを うばわれとった事… ワシらだけの秘密じゃ」
(The fact that Octarians took the Zapfish is… just between us.)
  • 「DJタコワサ将軍が ここに居るからには もうデンチナマズは ぬすまれんじゃろ」
(As long as DJ Octavio is here, I guess the Zapfish won't be getting stolen anymore.)
  • 「3号よ、ナワバリバトルに はげんでおるか?」
(Agent 3, are you doing well in your Turf Wars?)
  • 「バトルで困ったら 「戦場の鉄則」を 思い出すんじゃ」
(If you get cornered in a Turf War, remember the "Rule of the Battlefield".)
  • 「1号と2号はイカにも、ワシの孫じゃ ………言っとらんかったかいの?」
(Agents 1 and 2 are actually my grandkids. ………Did I tell you that already?)
  • 「1号2号は 仕事がいそがしいらしいからのゥ ………してきゃつらの仕事は何じゃ?」
(Agents 1 and 2 seem busy with their jobs. ………Wait, what are their jobs?)
  • 「こう見えても昔、 戦場では ブイブイ言わせたもんじゃ」
(I don't look like it now, but I was great on the battlefield way back when.)
  • 「この服か? ビンテージっちゅうんじゃ せくしーじゃろ?」
(These clothes? They're vintage, aren't they sexy?)
  • 「風が……ふいておる」
(The wind…… is blowing.)
  • 「………………………………………………… …おぉ、 ねとったわィ」
(……………………………………………………Oops, I was asleep.)

Octo Expansion


Starting the Octo Expansion:

AHOY! OCTOLING! Up and at 'em, ya lazy whiffle-whaffle! This fight ain't over! Prepare for a royal whoopin'! But there's no honor in defeating an unarmed opponent... and you seem to have lost your weapon somewhere around here. And just where is... here... anyway? Last thing I remember, you were battling my protégé, Agent 3, in Octo Valley, when both of you were suddenly attacked by someone. And somehow we got marooned here... So, uh... hows about we call a temporary truce while we find a way to escape? But where are my manners... I haven't even told you my name! I'm Cap'n Cuttlefish, leader of the legendary New Squidbeak Splatoon! And you are...? ... ...... *psst* This is the part where you tell me your name. By kracken... You lost your memory when you hit the ground?! You can't remember anything about yourself? Anything at all?!

After character personalization screen:

Most interesting... I noticed you were humming the Calamari Inkantation right before you came to... Could it be? Has this heavenly melody been etched into your very soul?! ... ...... I'll take your stunned silence as a YES! I've heard tell of Octarians whose souls were etched by those squidtastic grooves... But that was a couple years back, during Agent 3's battle with DJ Octavio. Still... I can't shake the feeling that this is related somehow. In any case, sorry for siccing Agent 3 on you back there. Any fan of the Squid Sisters is a friend of mine! I mean that with all of my hearts. Now dust yourself off and find your land legs. We need to get moving! Let's find a way outta here!

General dialogue

  • "Yo, Agent 8 — what's up?"
  • "Dear Inkopolis, you're in my heart forever! Squids and Octos sharing turf together!"
  • "Yo Inkopolis Square represent one time! Check yourself before ya step to my rhymes!"
  • "Always lookin' proper, dapper show-stoppa. Who's that you say? I'm talkin' Iso Padre!"
  • "Do they have to work a lot of overtime at Kamabo Co.? Hmm, I wonder..."
  • "Are you tight with my boy Iso Padre yet? That dude has got some swag for days!"
  • "Hearin' 'bout yo memories makes his day! Who I talkin' 'bout? You know it's Iso Padre!"
  • "Glasses, a chain, and he loves mem cakes. Who I talkin' 'bout? Iso Padre — no mistake!"
  • "Shout out to my Deepsea Metro crew!"
  • "But the vibe in here is all quiet and hushed! Hopes and dreams tangled in a mystic mush!"
  • "The riders in here be all shapes and sizes! Talkin' to me like winning mad prizes!"
  • "C-C-C-Calamari County is where I'm from! Keep it superfresh 'n' we can def be chums!"
  • "I reckon you can find jellyfish no matter where you go in this world... Mad respect."
  • "I'm just chillin' in the train, sittin' and swayin' to the click-clack beats..."
  • "All for one and one for all... That's a rock-solid rule for good teamwork!"
  • "MC Craig in the place to be, y'all!"
  • "What's up, what's up?"
  • "You've been working too hard, Agent 8! Why not chill for a bit?"
  • "Gaggle o' dudes—mouths snippa-snappin'. I ain't home yet, so I stay busy rappin'."
  • "It's hard keeping up with the youths these days, ya know?"
  • "Job well done, but h-h-h-hold the phone, no time to rest 'til you get back home!"
  • "Did you hear about my new hobby? That's right. I'm a rapper now."
  • "Check ch-check check check ch-check it out!"

Before beating the final boss

  • "It's a new world for a retro type of squid! But who's gonna save it now — is it you, kid?
  • "It's dark down here in the Octo-underground - Sometimes I cry when there's no one around!"
  • "Crushin' each test and bringin' the pain! Got Squid Sisters tunes all up in my brain!"
  • "Collect the four thangs and we'll be OK! Find the four thangs for a new day!"
  • "When this journey's done, I'ma take a bath! Get in my way and you'll feel my wrath!"
  • "He's a sleepy sea slug, don't you forget it! Giving out advice so ya don't look pathetic!"
  • "Remembering days past with mem cakes. Groovin' to this subway melody so awake!"
  • "That cash you borrowed? Gotta pay it back! You're the chosen one — get ya own stacks!"
  • "Heck da dip 'n' dives of my d-d-dope beats! Call me an old squid and I'll bring the heat!"
  • "Hoo hah, one two, always fighting back. Mess with my nap? You might get smacked!"
  • "You know we're headed to the promised land! I'll get you there, baby — just take my hand!"

After beating the final boss

  • "Kamabo Co.'s CEO got legit smacked down! Finish up your biz and let's head to town!"
  • "Commander Tartar? His days are done! You took him down like the setting sun!"
  • "Kamabo Co. tried to mash us into paste! But Agent 3 showed up 'n' laid 'em to waste!"

After talking too much

  • "Phew..."
  • "I'm pooped..."
  • "This rapping business is quite exhausting."
  • "Might be a good idea for you to rest up too."
  • "Peace out — I'm gonna catch a few Zs..."

Line-specific dialogue

  • "The jellyfish down here got super long necks. I'm an old squid who loves cashing checks." - Line A, C, D and I (Deep-sea jellyfish)
  • "That guy with the big mouth is a pelican eel. Let him and he'll talk your ear off for real!" - Line E, H and I (Pelican eels)
  • "To be honest, there's a lot of folks down here in the deep sea yappin' their jaws" - Line E, H and I (Pelican eels)
  • "By the way, um... I think there's something growing out of Iso Padre's ears..." - Line F and G (Predatory tunicates)
  • "Those three whippersnappers are big units! I once had a dream of being that burly..." - Line H (Sea angels)
  • "That clione, what a broad-shouldered bro! Baggy sleeves would suit him — ya think so?" - Line F and H (Sea angels)
  • "She lookin' at her phone! (I say, "Hey!") Lemme take a look! (She says, "No way!")" - Line E and J (Flashlight fish)
  • "Big boy blob in the house, bumping it loud. Bringing it down with that phat proud!" - Line C (Blobfish)
  • "Large, in charge, and digging his tunes... Gotta say, I respect his good vibes all day." - Line C (Blobfish)
  • "That jellyfish got a grip of different faces! If they get in a fight, do some get replaced?" - Line B and J (Siphonophores)
  • "Tree-sponge girl just lookin' so cool, her translucent-orb hair totally rules." - Line E and I (Ping-pong tree sponges)
  • "I can't help but marvel at her mysteriously magical mystique..." - Line E and I (Ping-pong tree sponges)

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