Chapter 3: Green

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Splatoon, Vol. 1
#4: Aloha

Splatoon Manga Issue 3 cover.jpg
Japanese title page
Debuted on 30 April 2016
Collected in Volume 1
Chapter number #3

Green is the third chapter of the Splatoon manga. It was first released on 30 April 2016.


Team Blue take a break from the CoroCoro Cup to play a friendly battle on Blackbelly Skatepark against Team Green, consisting of Backwards, Jungle Hat, Beanie, and Cleats. Team Blue make good progress, much to their opponents' surprise, as Specs presumes that they have got stronger recently. Goggles tries to scale the viewing tower in the centre of the stage but slips at the top, skidding all the way down on his back and leaving the entire back half of his outfit completely torn off. Even though he tries to continue the battle, his semi-nakedness ruins everyone's concentration and Specs decides to call a time-out so they can get Goggles some new clothes. Team Green conclude that Team Blue must still be stupid after all.

Arriving in Booyah Base, Goggles ignores the stares of other Inklings and starts shopping. His friends wonder what look he might choose as he exits covered entirely in several weapons bound with string. The other three force him to give the weapons back to Sheldon and choose some real gear, eventually settling on a cool outfit that is ruined by a Power Mask that not only scares his friends but is revealed to have been stolen from one of Annie and Moe's customers. Finally, all of Team Blue accompanies Goggles as he tries different styles, even attempting to go naked twice, but they think none of the looks suit him, especially the giant realistic squid costume. Eventually, he settles on the Pilot Goggles, Armor Jacket Replica, and Hero Runner Replicas - the same as he always wore, except for, as Goggles claims, new underwear. Jelonzo explains that his new gear will activate gear abilities properly and be more comfortable too, and Team Blue leave happily, catching the eye of a browsing Inkling as they do.

Finally, the rematch between Team Blue and Team Green begins. Goggles immediately tries to scale the central column again and does so but makes himself an easy target for Backwards' Sloshing Machine and is splatted. Backwards takes Goggles' place but is thrown off by a jar of pickled plums that Goggles dropped when he was splatted, mistaking it for a Suction Bomb. He seeks revenge by activating his Splat Bomb Rush special weapon, accidentally throwing the jar back to Goggles in the process. However, Backwards loses focus and is splatted by Headphones, followed by Bobble Hat splatting Beanie.

With time running out and Team Blue winning, the boys use a new tactic: Specs charges down an alley at Team Green, making him visible and distracting his opponents away from Goggles activating his Inkzooka behind them. Team Blue cheer and make their last push with twenty seconds left but are astonished to see that Jungle Hat survived the Inkzooka by hiding in his ink. He even deftly backflips away from a second Inkzooka shot and all of Specs' Octobrush attacks but can make no more progress as time is up, revealing that Team Blue dominated the battle.

Back in Inkopolis Tower, Team Blue praise Jungle Hat's agility but he shrugs it off, saying that maybe Team Blue's teamwork could use some improvement if they ever want to beat them. This confuses everyone, as they did just beat them, and Beanie notices on her phone's match stats that Jungle Hat did not get hit once during the battle, which is unlike him. Just then, the real Jungle Hat bursts in, tied up in rope, revealing they have an impostor in their midst. The rest of the mystery Inkling's team approaches him, amused that he successfully went undercover, and he changes into his usual gear. As he does, he reveals his identity: Aloha, the leader of Team Pink and the second member of the S4. Even more worryingly, Aloha explains that Team Blue's next cup battle is against him.



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