Chapter 4: Aloha

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#3: Green
Splatoon, Vol. 1
#4.5: Dark Green

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Debuted on 30 June 2016
Collected in Volume 1
Chapter number #4

Aloha is the fourth chapter of the Splatoon manga. It was first released on 30 June 2016.


Team Blue is delighted that their battle against Team Pink is due to take place on Mahi-Mahi Resort, and Goggles and Bobble Hat decide to make the most of the facilities by dragging their teammates into the pool. Naturally, they all sink as Inklings cannot swim. After retrieving themselves, Aloha, Snorkel, Octoglasses, and Straw of Team Pink call out to them from sun loungers. Aloha admits he was taking it easy during their previous battle, which worries Specs and Headphones as none of them were even able to land a hit on him before. Goggles reminds them that their teamwork will pull them through as they are all the best of friends...

Three minutes later, Goggles and Specs have fallen into a huge fight over whether ice cream should be served in a cone or a cup, so Aloha brands the upcoming battle a piece of cake. They take their places, and the match starts as the Squid Sisters explain how on this stage, more turf will be uncovered in the second half of the battle. Team Blue starts out strong, but it is not long before Headphones and Bobble Hat notice that Goggles and Specs are aiming for each other and are simply inking the ground by accident when they are not busy painting insults. Meanwhile, Aloha continues to show his athleticism as neither Headphones nor Bobble Hat can land a hit on him, and he splats both with his .52 Gal. He then activates his team's "Disco Ball Dance" tactic, allowing them to breakdance around the stage and splat the girls once again while the boys continue fighting. This is swiftly followed by his special weapon, the Killer Wail, which splats Goggles and Specs as well.

With Team Pink taking a huge advantage, Aloha is so amused at how badly Team Blue is playing that he stops battling to deride them, even shocking the Squid Sisters. However, he is soon splatted by the force of Goggles and Specs' fight, taking everyone by surprise. Just then, the bell rings to mark the halfway point of the battle, opening more turf and leading Team Pink to pull themselves together, but soon Snorkel, Octoglasses, and Straw have all been splatted by the boys' fight. Aloha demands that his team pull themselves together, but they are too laid back to worry, leading to an argument in their ranks as well.

Goggles and Specs continue arguing and accidentally splatting their opponents, but without noticing that they have started furiously complimenting each other, which Bobble Hat nicknames "Stupid Sync Power". Goggles prepares his Inkzooka to finish the battle, which Aloha knows he can dodge easily, but is thrown off when Specs prepares his as well. With one final cry of "you're always great to have around", the boys activate their Double Inkzooka attack, splatting Aloha as the time runs out.

Judd declares that Team Blue wins and Goggles and Specs immediately high-five, having seemingly forgotten that they had ever fallen out, to the relief of the girls. Aloha praises their unorthodox chemistry, which Goggles returns, but Team Pink sheepishly admit to their leader that their actions lost the battle for him. Aloha says that they still have a lot to learn and decide to hold a poolside party with Team Blue to make it up.

In Walleye Warehouse, in the middle of another cup battle, an Inkling called Mask sits still among his battling teammates, more concerned with watching the live stream of the Team Blue versus Team Pink battle than taking part himself. His teammates all agree that the other Inklings' incessant happiness is disgusting and as Team Cyan, they will destroy them. As their battle ends, the Squid Sisters are astonished to discover that not only did Team Cyan win, but Mask did not even need to attack. As the third member of the S4, he promises that the smiles on Team Blue's faces will not last long.



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