Charge storage

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Charge storage is a feature of chargers and splatlings in Splatoon 2.


If equipped with a capable weapon, a player can charge the weapon, enter squid form while holding down Button1 ZR.png and swim as desired, and emerge from squid form to fire the stored shot. This allows players to reposition without having to wait for their weapon to charge up again after relocating. While a player is storing their charge, a glowing, white circle will appear over the player, showing everyone, even opposing team members, where said player is. There will also be a faint, semi-translucent reticle that is only visible to the user and shows where they are currently aiming. If the user sees the glowing, white circle fade away, it means that they have lost their charge by spending too much time in squid form, and now they must charge up another shot.


Weapon Storage time

S2 Weapon Main Splat Charger.png Splat Charger
S2 Weapon Main Hero Charger Replica.png Hero Charger Replica
S2 Weapon Main Firefin Splat Charger.png Firefin Splat Charger
S2 Weapon Main Kensa Charger.png Kensa Charger
S2 Weapon Main E-liter 4K.png E-liter 4K
S2 Weapon Main Custom E-liter 4K.png Custom E-liter 4K

1 second

S2 Weapon Main Nautilus 47.png Nautilus 47
S2 Weapon Main Nautilus 79.png Nautilus 79

3.33 seconds

S2 Weapon Main Goo Tuber.png Goo Tuber
S2 Weapon Main Custom Goo Tuber.png Custom Goo Tuber

5 seconds