Chompers Varsity Jacket

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The Chompers Varsity Jacket is a piece of clothing in Splatoon 3.

It is a 2-star item produced by Skalop and comes with the primary ability Ink Saver (Main). It must first be unlocked through leveling up the Sizzle Season 2024 Catalog to level 24, then it can be purchased from Man-o'-Wardrobe for Cash 11,500. It can only be ordered from another player after being unlocked.


Splatoon 3

Chompers Varsity Jacket
Chompers Varsity Jacket
Cash 11,500
Star power
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The Chompers Varsity Jacket comes with Ink Saver (Main) as the primary ability. As a 2-star item, the Chompers Varsity Jacket comes with three additional slots for secondary abilities. The star level may be increased with Super Sea Snails for 1 (first), 1 (second), 5 (third), 10 (fourth), or 20 (fifth) Super Sea Snails per star, or by purchasing additional copies of it from Man-o'-Wardrobe for 10,000 (first), 30,000 (second), 50,000 (third), 100,000 (fourth), or 200,000 (fifth) Cash per star. Increasing the star level beyond 2 stars will increase the gear experience gained by a cumulative 3.333…% up to 10% additional experience at 5-star level. Since it is made by the Skalop gear brand, it has a higher chance of rolling Quick Respawn and a lower chance of rolling Special Saver to fill its secondary ability slots.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スタジャンフカマシ
Sutajan fuka mashi
More-Sharks Baseball Jacket
Netherlands Dutch Gehaaid universiteitsjack Cunning university jacket
Canada French (NOA) Blouson université requin
France French (NOE) Blouson université squale
Germany German Beißers-Collegejacke
Italy Italian Giubbino da stadio squalesco Sharkish stadium jacket
Russia Russian Бейсбольная куртка «Куся»
Beysbol'naya kurtka «Kusya»
«Chompy» baseball jacket
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Chaqueta universitaria
Spain Spanish (NOE) Cazadora universitaria
China Chinese (Simplified) 深色棒球外套
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 深色棒球外套
South Korea Korean 샤크 스타디움 점퍼 Shark Stadium Jumper
 Internal JKT065 [1]