Cohock Charge

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View from a cannon during a Cohock Charge

Cohock Charge is a Known Occurrence in Salmon Run and Salmon Run Next Wave.


The only Lesser Salmonid that spawns during this event is the Cohock. Ink Cannons appear to help the players defeat the horde. This event can only occur during low tide. When a cannon is colored with the player team's ink, that indicates that a player is using it. The cannons consume 10% of the player's ink tank per shot, allowing for ten shots per ink tank. Ink cannot be recovered whilst using a cannon.

Salmonid Field Guide

Salmonid Field Guide page detailing Cohock Charge

The following text is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide.

What Happens
  • Cohocks will attack in large numbers from exposed sandbanks.
  • Mr. Grizz will deploy a cannon for you to use in dealing with these foes.
How to Get Golden Eggs
  • Defeat Boss Salmonids.
Advice from Mr. Grizz
  • Use the cannon well to clear the way for your coworkers!
Supplementary Information
  • Apparently there are special rooms in the Salmonid barracks set aside for large numbers of Cohocks to gather and practice.


  • It is the best to have two players using cannons, to be able to cover different areas of the map, and so that it is safe for one cannon user to recharge while another user is busy dealing with Salmonids.
    • It is very important for players to stick to their jobs either controlling the cannons or collecting the Eggs, or else can be very easy to lose control over the Salmonids. Although, if it is nearing the end of the wave and the quota is still unmet, one of the cannon users can refocus on helping to collect Eggs.
    • Players on Ark Polaris can rotate between cannons, since the cannons are very close to the basket and cannot hit bosses easily.
  • Players with heavy weighted weapons are recommended to use Ink Cannons, while more mobile normal and light weighted weapons can focus on gathering Eggs.
  • On Spawning Grounds, Marooner's Bay, Sockeye Station, and Gone Fission Hydroplant, there are Ink Cannons that are elevated and located further away, which are the safest for splatting Salmonids. Although, players should take into account that these cannons' projectiles take longer path to reach Salmonids and cannot reach certain areas.
    • The top Cannon on Marooner's Bay has a difficult angle on Salmonid closer to the Egg basket, so it is best for another cannon user to cover for it.
  • Players using cannons should be aware of mobile bosses like Steelheads, Steel Eels, Scrappers, Maws and Flipper-Floppers sneaking up on them.
    • Steel Eels do not make any sound if the player have not seen them, so it is common for players in cannons to be splatted by surprise by them.
    • Players can see a Maws' green indicator periodically, but often it is difficult to leave the Ink Cannon before it is too late. In Salmon Run Next Wave, players can also hear a sound effect indicating that Maws is about to attack them.
    • Besides the surrounding area getting inked, players will hear a sound effect when a Flipper-Flopper drops its ring.
    • Players should also be aware of Flyfish missiles, Stingers' rays, Drizzlers' ink rains and Big Shots' cannon ball waves.
    • It is possible for players in cannons to react to Flyfish missiles, because of the sound of the missiles being launched and the green target rings being visible at the top of the screen.
  • Try to avoid hitting Scrappers whilst in an Ink Cannon, because they will then face towards the Ink Cannon and away from the basket. Instead, let the players who collects the Eggs to lure Scrappers close to the Egg basket and turn their backs against the cannon users.
  • If any Big Shots spawned during the wave, one player can use the Big Shot cannon to toss the nearby Eggs to the center for the second player to collect.
  • Cannon missiles can destroy Flyfish baskets.
    • Crewmates not in cannons should position themselves so Flyfish are facing the cannons for an easy splat.
    • In Salmon Run Next Wave, cannon missiles are able to destroy both Flyfish missile launchers with a single shot if aimed precisely between the bottom part of the launchers lids while they are open.[1]
  • An Ink Cannon's splash damage is big enough to one shot a Stinger.
  • Cannon missiles can instantly destroy Steelheads about to launch a bomb by shooting them anywhere on their body while the bomb is inflating.
  • Cannon missiles can one shot a Fish Stick while it is still in the air by hitting one of the Smallfry (species) carrying it.
    • It is important to destroy a Fish Stick mid air before it lands and blocks the Ink Cannons.


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Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ドスコイ大量発生
Dosukoi tairyōhassei
Cohock outbreak
Netherlands Dutch Storm van Sallogs Storm of Cohocks
CanadaFrance French Charges de Sumoches Cohock charges
Germany German Brocken-Sturmanfall Cochock Storm attack
Italy Italian Orde di Pinne Pingui Hordes of Cohocks
Russia Russian Штурм сковорейдеров
Shturm skovoreyderov
Cohock assault
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Ataques de agallones Cohocks' attacks
Spain Spanish (NOE) Attaques de escamacarras Cohocks' attacks
China Chinese (Simplified) 大胖鱼大量出现
dàpàngyú dàliàng chūxiàn
Cohock outbreak
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 大胖魚大量出現
dàpàngyú dàliàng chūxiàn
Cohock outbreak
 Internal CoopEvent_Missile (Splatoon 3)[2] Likely from the cannons available during this event.