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The cash icon used in Splatoon 3

Cash, also referred to as G,[1][2] is the main currency in the Splatoon series. It is mainly used to purchase items such as weapons or gear from the shops in Booyah Base, the Galleria, and Splatsville, but has a variety of other uses in each game.

The arrow design seen on the currency coin icons appears to be a stylized letter G.


Spyke and Murch have different services that require cash, such as rerolling abilities and scrubbing secondary ability slots. Players can also order gear that other players they see in Inkopolis Plaza, Inkopolis Square, or Splatsville are wearing, and can pick it up the next day at a price that depends on the rarity of the gear and the number of unlocked slots on it. In Splatoon 3, weapons are no longer purchased with cash, but instead with Sheldon Licenses. However, Splatoon 3 introduces the ability to purchase decorations from Hotlantis, try for various prizes with the Shell-Out Machine, and play music with the Jukebox.


Cash can be obtained by completing multiplayer battles (both Regular Battles and Ranked Battles), completing Salmon Run shifts, using the vending machine in the Deepsea Metro, using the Shel-drone, and, in Splatoon only, talking to Judd with a great enough vibe or winning amiibo challenges. With each stage rotation in Splatoon, the player can turn in their vibe points earned via online battles to Judd in Inkopolis Plaza for a cash bonus. Gear bought with cash can only be used in multiplayer battles.

The amount of cash earned after a battle directly translates from the number of points gained and can be increased using tickets. These multiply the cash earned by 1.5×, 2.0×, or 2.5×. For example, if a player under the effect of a 2.5× cash ticket inks 872 points of turf during a Turf War match and wins the battle, adding an extra 1,000 points, they will earn Cash 4,680. In Splatoon 3, 2.5× tickets are replaced with smorgasbord tickets that give a 2.0× bonus to every member of the player's team in each match it is active for; the effects of multiple tickets do not stack.

In Ranked Battles and Anarchy Battles, the amount of cash is directly linked to the number of points obtained by the team. Additionally, a Cash 3,000 bonus is granted for a victory. For example, if a player wins a match with a knockout, they get Cash 500 for the points and Cash 3,000 for the victory.

Other currencies

Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, and Return of the Mammalians have a separate currency, Power Eggs, that is used to unlock or upgrade gear and weapons, as well as purchase drink tickets after all upgrades are unlocked in Splatoon 2 or use the Shel-drone once per day in Splatoon 3. The Octo Expansion also has currency in the form of CQ Points, which can be used to enter test stations and get items and cash from the vending machine that becomes available once the player returns to Deepsea Metro after completing the story of the expansion. Side Order has two currencies in the form of Membux (used during runs to purchase lives, color chips, sub weapons, and special weapons from vending machines, as well as rerolling floors and vending machines or continuing after losing all lives with the appropriate hacks) and Prlz (used between runs to purchase hacks (permanent upgrades) from Marina and decorative items from Cipher).



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese おカネ
Netherlands Dutch Geld Money
France French (NOE) Argent Money
Germany German Geld Money
Italy Italian Denaro Money
Spain Spanish (NOE) Dinero Money
China Chinese 金钱

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゲソ[3]
Squid tentacle