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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about the Berry Splattershot Pro, see Berry Splattershot Pro.


Berry Splattershot Pro

Berry Splattershot Pro

Abbreviations Berry
Sub Suction Bomb
Special Bomb Rush
Base damage 42
Base duration
Ink consumption 1.9%
Special points
Special depletion 60%
Role Slayer/Support
Strengths High damage, long range, quick map control with sub and special
Weaknesses Poor ink coverage, high ink consumption.


  • The Berry Splattershot Pro is a medium ranged slayer weapon with a supportive kit. It is similar to the Splattershot but with higher range, better accuracy, and higher damage.
    • The extra range and higher damage output, at just a slight cost to fire rate, make it very effective at splatting a wide variety of opponents.
    • Damage Up further increases this damage output, maxing out to 49.9 points of damage.
    • Also like the Splattershot and its variants, the Berry Splattershot Pro is great at sharking, making it effective on defense as well.
  • The reduced ink efficiency and slower fire rate make the Berry Splattershot Pro a less effective turfing weapon than most other slayer/support weapons. Avoid getting surrounded by opposing ink and have an exit lane in case of a retreat.
    • Reduced turfing ability hinders its ability to either maintain map control or capture a Splat Zone. In general, focus on splatting opponents and rely on teammates with better turfing weapons to maintain zone or map control.[1]
    • While the added range and Suction Bombs allow this weapon to potentially play a supportive role, the slower turfing rate combined with the high special gauge requirement for the Berry Splattershot Pro make it harder to build up its special weapon compared to most conventional support weapons.

Suction Bombs can be used in a similar fashion to Splat Bombs, with a few differences:

  • They can attach to surfaces, which both allows more room for error when aiming and enables the planting of craftier traps, such as underneath a grate.
  • They take two seconds after attaching to a surface to detonate, as opposed to one second for a Splat Bomb, so plant Suction Bombs earlier than usual.
  • They inflict more damage from a direct hit (220 HP) and have a larger overall radius of damage (80 DU).
  • They can be thrown to lead a push into a Splat Zone or any other important area of the stage, such as the opponents' street or platform.
  • They can also flush out opposing anchors from perches and clear other critical areas, such as the Tower.
  • They can also be used to poke at and zone out opponents during the neutral phase, stall an opponent's push, or provide space to escape.
  • A Suction Bomb can damage or destroy an opponent's Splash Wall, or the Rainmaker shield, while detonating on contact.
    • Any opponents caught within the Suction Bomb's explosion will get damaged or splatted.

The Bomb Rush can help with maintaining leads, gaining map control, or making pushes.

  • Using any Bomb Rush too close to an opponent will leave its user vulnerable to attack, so activate it outside the opponents' range.
  • Bomb Rush can either capture or hold onto a zone or another important area of the map, such as a path to the Rainmaker pedestal.
  • It can also stall or stop an opponent's Tower push in a more direct manner than Killer Wail does. Note that attempting to stop the Tower in this manner forces you to be closer to the Tower, whereas Killer Wail can be used from a further, safer distance.
  • Bomb Rush can quickly pop the Rainmaker shield to instantly start or restart a Rainmaker push.
  • An opponent's Inkstrike will defuse any Suction Bombs it comes in contact with. If possible, hold off activating Bomb Rush until after the opponents have exhausted their special weapons first.
  • Remember that activating any special will refill the user's ink tank immediately so Bomb Rush can be used to refill the ink tank and lessen the need for Ink Saver (Main).[2]


The Berry Splattershot Pro is a weapon with long range. Having too many longer ranged weapons can be a disadvantage for a few reasons.

  • A team with too many long-ranged weapons will have fewer mobile weapons that can more quickly capture turf and wrest control of the objective, hindering its ability to begin an effective push into the opponents' territory. Such a team will also have difficulty breaking out of an opponent's spawn camp.

Because the Berry Splattershot Pro is inefficient at turfing, its user will have to rely on their teammates to maintain map control. Not having enough turfing ability – usually from having too many blasters and chargers – presents its own set of problems:

  • A team whose composition lacks enough turfing ability can be rendered immobile if the other team dominates map control.
  • A lack of turfing also makes it difficult to alter the course of a game, even after wiping out the other team.

The Bomb Rush is very effective at contesting territory, such as Splat Zones, but is not as reliable at splatting opponents who actively avoid the bombs. Attempting to pursue certain opponents with Bomb Rush active further risks getting splatted. Therefore, it is advised to have other special weapons available to complement Bomb Rush, as having too many users of any Bomb Rush variant (no more than two) in a team composition will limit a team's arsenal of weapons:

  • Without Bomb Range Up, a Bomb Launcher user has no means of protection and is particularly vulnerable to long-ranged fire.
  • Other special weapons, such as Inkjet or Sting Ray, are intended for splatting opponents and more capable at this than is a Bomb Rush.

Coordinating with your teammates can greatly increase the Bomb Rush's effect during a battle:

  • Remaining behind a teammate with an active protective special weapon, such as Bubbler or Kraken, can also give a Bomb Rush user room to operate.
  • Pushing forward with Bomb Rush while a teammate is using a special designed to splat opponents, such as Killer Wail or Inkzooka, can limit the opponents' escape options and even prevent them from Super Jumping to safety.


  • The Berry Splattershot Pro is a formidable foe for most other weapons, due to its range and damage output. Therefore, most other weapons cannot easily defeat it in a straight one-on-one matchup and must use other means to defeat it.
    • A matchup between two opposing Berry Splattershot Pro wielders will depend on skill, positioning, turf control, and the presence of any supporting players.
    • To engage a Berry Splattershot Pro with a shorter range weapon, try to catch it off guard through either careful flanking or sharking, better positioning, or wise use of bombs. Do not forget that the Berry Splattershot Pro also has Suction Bombs as well.
    • Try to take advantage of the Berry Splattershot Pro's relative inability to turf by containing it with ink. This might require the use of sub weapons and teammates.
    • A few weapons that either match or exceed the range of the Berry Splattershot Pro without sacrificing mobility can defeat one head-on. For example, both variants of the .96 Gal overpower and slightly outrange the Berry Splattershot Pro.
  • As with versus the Splattershot, long-ranged weapons, such as chargers and most splatlings, can fire upon Berry Splattershot Pro with impunity, but they must remain wary of it getting too close.
  • To prevent sharking, keep track of all four opponents – particularly which ones have neither been splatted nor super jumped to their spawn point – and turf suspicious puddles of opposing ink, preferably with a sub weapon. Point Sensors, while unable to turf, can expose any sharking opponents.
  • If the Berry Splattershot Pro user activates a Bomb Rush in an unsafe position, try attacking them from a distance, as they can still use their main weapon.

Gear Abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.

Damage Up

Damage Up increases damage to the main weapon, sub, and special. Damage Up can make the Berry Splattershot Pro close to a two hit splat, or guarantee a three shot splat.

  • Two mains and two subs will increase the damage of the Berry Splattershot Pro to 49.9.[3]
Special Charge Up

The Berry Splattershot Pro is a weapon with poor ink coverage making it hard to get map control using only the main weapon. Having consistent Bomb Rushes can help with taking back map control and to stop pushes.

Ink Resistance Up

Because of its poor ink coverage, the user is likely to contact enemy ink often. Ink Resistance Up can help run faster in enemy ink, and reduce the damage taken by stepping in it.