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Big Swig Roller

Big Swig Roller

Abbreviations Big Swig
Sub S3 Weapon Sub Splash Wall.png Splash Wall
Special S3 Weapon Special Ink Vac.png Ink Vac
Base damage 35-70 (horizontal)
40-120 (vertical)
70 (rolling)
Base duration
Ink consumption 10% (swinging)
~2% (rolling) [1]
Special points
Special depletion
Role Support
Strengths Turfing, long vertical flick and a wide horizontal range, a fire rate similar to the Splat Roller, great object damage
Weaknesses Non-lethal horizontal flick, and weak damage output (compared to most other rollers) No lethal sub weapon

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For information about the Big Swig Roller, see Big Swig Roller.

Splatoon 3


The Big Swig Roller is a supportive roller-type weapon, with the roller part more extensive, for a wider horizontal and farther vertical range, and a fast fire rate. As described by Sheldon, this weapon was made to ink lots of turf, and with a defensive kit to help out with its weak damage output.

  • The Big Swig Roller can be used well in Turf War and Splat Zones. The sub-weapon, Splash Wall can help protect the player, the Big Swig can out-ink their opponents and help capture the zone, and when guarding the zones, or getting attacked, the Ink Vac can help protect the zones and the player, respectively.
  • The Big Swig Roller is weak in combat against other players, however, the Big Swig Roller's damage to objects is its key feature. It deals twice as much damage to any object (ex: brella shields, rainmaker shields, Squid Beakons) as it would to players.
  • The quick rate of fire can compensate for the damage, as players can splat enemies in 3 quick swings at least.


The Big Swig is able to cover the weaknesses of some weapons due to its great paint output. Weapons with below-average paint coverage, such as blasters or chargers, won't be a detriment to a team when a Big Swig can paint for other weapons.


  • The Big Swig Roller is a fragile weapon, and weapons with high DPS can easily overwhelm it. Due to the Big Swigs low damage at long range, mid to long range weapons can hit it from safe positions.