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Crab Tank

Crab Tank

Base damage 32 (Rapid Fire)
30 (Cannon, splash)
60 (Cannon, direct hit)
40 (Rolling)
Base duration 8 seconds
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Gets faster the more you shoot, Good damage, Can curl up into a ball, Has a far range
Weaknesses Slow, Vulnerable at the head and from behind during walker mode

This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about Crab Tank, see Crab Tank.

Splatoon 3

The Crab Tank is a special weapon in Splatoon 3. It has two types of fire, a rapid fire mode, and an arcing explosion attack similar to an Explosher. It also has two modes of transport, a walking mode, where it can shoot enemies, and a rolling mode where it can ram enemies and climb up walls. In walker mode, the crab goes faster sideways, similar to an actual crab.


Crab Tank can be used to mow down enemies attempting to make a push, or quickly disperse them if the Crab Tank's team wants to push.

  • The ZR attack is a rapid fire that can easily splat opponents in open areas. This attack gets higher fire rate the longer it shoots.
    • Some enemies will try to hide behind walls, but the Crab Tank can use its R attack to fire globs of ink, which act and combo similarly to the Explosher.
  • The Crab Tank can shift into a ball to protect itself from attacks and move more easily, and also climb walls.
    • When returning to the firing mode, it takes about 0.33 seconds to start firing again.
  • Putting a Crab Tank on top of a tower can serve as a makeshift shield, hindering enemy pushes, with the added bonus of having a constant stream of shots. However, the player must take note of which direction the enemies are trying to seize the tower from relative to the player's position, moving the Crab Tank along the sides accordingly.
  • Since the Crab Tank has a separate health pool and is unhindered by enemy ink, it's a decent choice for Clam Blitz, as it can carry clams or Power Clams by rolling into the enemy base.


  • The Crab Tank is useful with specials like Zipcaster, as it can help for charging forward.
  • It is powerful with short range weapons as it can clear an area for other players to rush forward.
  • Special Power Up can be helpful with this special as it increases duration.


  • Slosher class weapons, such as the Slosher, Tri-Slosher, and Sloshing Machine, can easily splat a Crab Tank user head-on by arcing their shots over the opponent. When in lethal range, a Dynamo Roller can also reach the cockpit while attacking from the front.
  • Most specials in the game are great at stopping the Crab Tank.
  • Weapons like the Splatana Stamper or the Nautilus 47 can quickly break the Crab Tank.
  • A Torpedo in homing phase can pose a problem for the Crab Tank: since it can't turn quickly, it may have problems shooting it down before it can detonate and release its droplets.
  • Flanking can be effective due to the crab tank's low turn speed.
  • Dualies can be effective because of their dodge rolls and and ability to flank.