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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.

Element Tuzki (Tzk) is an Italian competitive Splatoon and Splatoon 2 team.

They are part of the multigaming Element and administrate "Splatoon 2 Italia - Nintendo Switch", the community on the topic with most members in Italy. They often share videos of Private Battles, Scrims and Squad Battles on their YouTube channel.


They were founded by two players who got along well in a previous tournament and, after a week of playing together, decided to ask some friends along the way to join their adventure. The name has been chosen in opposition to seriousness by choosing as a mascotte Tuzki, a popular bunny which can be found in the stickers on Messenger, Line and other platforms.

Current Members

The current roster includes nine members:

  • Tzk Xaos (captain)
  • Tzk Ekate
  • Tzk Eleos
  • Tzk Bia
  • Tzk Letho
  • Tzk Ares
  • Tzk Hades
  • Tzk Kairos
  • Tzk Aether

They have been helped by DonkeyDome (member of Element Hydro), (ext)Kirito, Pier (former Tzk Hypnos).

Tournament Placements

They participated in national and international tournaments:

Tournament Date Place
Splatattack! February 15th 2016 2nd place
Splatattack 2.0 May 26th 2016 1st place
Leagues Under the Ink S2 Summer 2016 Third place in Krak-On C division (with the collaboration of Element Hydro and PainTStorm)
Go4 Splatoon Europe (final ranking) 17th place (highest ranked among the Italian teams participating)

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