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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about the Fizzy Bomb, see Fizzy Bomb.

Splatoon 2

Fizzy Bomb

Fizzy Bomb

Base damage 35 (Splash)
50 (Direct hit)
Base duration
Ink consumption 60%
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Versatility, turfing, mobility, chip damage, long-range pressure, zoning, poking, area denial, better ink efficiency than other lethal bombs[1][2][3]
Weaknesses Less damage per explosion, requires time and effort to charge

The Fizzy Bomb debuted in the Version 4.1.0 update, becoming the first sub weapon to have been added post-release in the Splatoon series. While its explosion is not lethal, the Fizzy Bomb can be charged to detonate up to three times for a potentially lethal combo. Its ability to pressure opponents from long range and turf lanes for both movement and farm special weapons makes it arguably the most versatile sub weapon in all of Splatoon 2.


To be fully effective, a Fizzy Bomb needs to be fully charged:

  • Holding down for 40 frames (0.67 seconds) will charge the Fizzy Bomb once. To fully charge it, hold down for an additional 40 frames — a total of 80 frames (1.33 seconds).[2][4]
  • Fortunately, there are a few ways to charge a Fizzy Bomb more quickly:[1][2][4]
    • Moving will decrease the charge time by 11 frames per frame.
    • Tapping will decrease the charge time by 8 frames per frame.
    • Shaking the controller will decrease the charge time by 9 frames per frame. Note that this can throw off your aim if not performed in a controlled manner.

A Fizzy Bomb provides plenty of utility for its user:

  • Each explosion inflicts 50 HP of damage against nearby opponents and 35 HP against those slightly further. This chip damage can remove opponents' Ink Armor and potentially add up to lethal damage, applying constant pressure onto distant opponents.[1][2][3]
    • To maximize the damage inflicted onto an opponent, throw the Fizzy Bomb just in front of them to hit them with at least two (preferably all three) explosions.
  • A thrown Fizzy Bomb can form an ink trail that is slightly shorter than that from a curling bomb, providing a quick avenue to either attack or escape.
  • Each explosion from a Fizzy Bomb covers surfaces with a significant amount of ink, helping its user maintain map control, cap Splat Zones, and build up their special gauge.
  • The damage and turfing radius of each explosion varies:[4]
Explosion Near damage
radius (DU)
Far damage
radius (DU)
radius (DU)
1st 20.0 38.0 30.0
2nd 23.5 45.0 34.0
3rd 30.0 54.5 38.0
  • Like other bombs, a Fizzy Bomb can damage or destroy an opponent's brella shield, Splash Wall, or Baller or the Rainmaker shield, while detonating on contact.
    • Partially and fully charged Fizzy Bombs will detonate twice and thrice respectively, increasing their damage output.
    • Any opponents caught within the Fizzy Bomb's explosions will get damaged or splatted.[5]
    • It will also inflate or pop both your and any teammate's bubbles but deflate or diffuse an opponent's bubbles, while still detonating on contact.[6] A Bamboozler 14 Mk III user with both Object Shredder and enough ability points of Special Power Up can instapop their own bubbles for a deadly combo.
  • An opponent's Splashdown, Booyah Bomb, or Ultra Stamp will defuse any Fizzy Bombs it touches, so hold off using them until after their special weapon finishes.
  • Using any special weapon also provides a free ink tank refill. For example, a Kensa Glooga Dualies user can throw a bomb or two before and after using Ink Armor.

Despite its many advantages, the Fizzy Bomb still has a couple weaknesses:

  • The damage per explosion is no better than that of either a Burst Bomb or a Torpedo, making an uncharged Fizzy Bomb less useful for zoning and area denial.
  • Charging a Fizzy Bomb requires more time and effort than simply tossing a Splat or Suction Bomb, which can leave its user vulnerable during the charging time.


While its explosion is not lethal, the Fizzy Bomb is still treated as a lethal bomb, due to its potential for lethal combos when fully charged. Lethal Bombs, which also include Splat and Suction Bombs, provide its user's team many advantages over another team that has no lethal bombs in its composition:[7]

  • Their one-hit- or one-combo-splat offers its user's team chances of instantly gaining a numbers advantage, from which a game-winning push can arise.
  • Their lethal explosion provides space for its user's team to either push into an area held by the opponent or stall an opponent's push.
  • The turf inked by the resulting explosion contributes to both maintaining map control and building up the special gauge.

The chip damage and long range of Fizzy Bombs assist their user in providing support fire for a teammate who is battling an opponent. If you see a teammate engaged with an opponent, help them out by tossing some charged Fizzy Bombs their way.


Fizzy Bombs in the hands of an opponent grants them the ability to contest turf, pressure your team, and inflict chip damage — all from a relatively safe distance. Fortunately, only four weapons in Splatoon 2 – the Kensa Luna Blaster, the Bamboozler 14 Mk III, the Kensa Sloshing Machine, and the Kensa Glooga Dualies – have them in their kits, so remembering and recognizing them can help prepare you to deal with them.

  • Fizzy Bomb damage can be reduced by equipping Bomb Defense Up DX. While three ability points, or one sub, are not enough to either prevent the loss of Ink Armor or remain hidden on the opponents' map, they still reduce the possibility of getting splatted by two explosions.[8][9][10][11]
  • If you ever catch an opponent charging a Fizzy Bomb — particularly through either flanking or sharking, then you might be able to pick them off before they can fully charge it or throw it.
  • If an opponent's Fizzy Bomb travels nearby, turfing the trail it leaves behind can cut off lanes of attack and flush out any opponents using Ninja Squid.
  • If an opponent throws a Fizzy Bomb towards you, avoid moving in the same direction that it is traveling to minimize damage. For example, if an opponents' Fizzy Bomb is headed straight at you, moving sideways or forward is preferrable over moving backwards.
  • Be aware of your opponents' locations before using a brella shield, Splash Wall, Baller, or Bubble Blower, as an opponent's Fizzy Bombs will detonate upon impact with any of these, potentially splatting you or your teammates if caught within their lethal radius.
  • Certain special weapons – such as Splashdown, Booyah Bomb, and Ultra Stamp – can negate any of the opponents' Fizzy Bombs.