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For information about the Hydra Splatling, see Hydra Splatling.

Splatoon 3

Hydra Splatling

Hydra Splatling

Abbreviations Hydra
Sub Autobomb
Special Booyah Bomb
Base damage 32 (Partial charge)
40 (Full charge)
Base duration
Ink consumption 35% (Full charge)
Special points 190p
Special depletion
Role Anchor
Strengths Long Range, High Damage and DPS, Long Firing Time
Weaknesses Long Charge Up Time, Low Mobility, High Ink Consumption

The Hydra Splatling is the longest range splatling in Splatoon 3, even outranging most chargers (including the Splat Charger). A good Hydra Splatling user can be an invaluable asset to the team, providing long range, high damage fire support. However, its slow charge time and mobility hinders the weapon's ability to be in the frontlines. While it does not have the most useful sub weapon, its special allows the user to stay alive in most situations.


The long range and low mobility of the Hydra Splatling make it suited as an anchor's weapon:

  • The Hydra Splatling, like other chargers and splatlings, has to charge to get the maximum firepower. Note that the Hydra Splatling has reduced range before the first charging circle is complete.
    • Its charge time is incredibly slow: 120 frames, or two seconds, to charge its first ring – even longer than that of the E-liter 4K (92 frames, or 1.533 seconds) – and 30 more frames, or half a second, for the second ring for a total of 150 frames, or 2.5 seconds.
    • Due to both the long charging time and the reduced range when not fully charged, the Hydra Splatling is vulnerable to attack from shorter ranged weapons while charging, so it is generally advised to remain out of sight from the opponent (e.g. behind an obstacle) and not too close to opposing ink while charging.
  • Once charged, the Hydra Splatling's high firing rate (4 frames between shots, or 15 shots per second), solid damage (32-40 health points, or HP), long firing time (4 seconds), and long range allow it to mow down opponents near and far:
    • Unique to the Hydra Splatling line is the increase in damage when reaching a full charge, going from 32 damage to 40. This allows a Hydra to splat an opponent in three shots. This, combined with the fast fire rate attributed to all splatlings, gives the Hydra Splatling the highest DPS of any weapon.
    • Its long range (203.92-257.68 DU) allows it to fight many other short ranged weapons and even some backlines with ease, such as a Jet Squelcher (212.64 DU), a Heavy Splatling (178.05-218.37 DU), or a Ballpoint Splatling (225.04-237.094 DU).[1]
      • Note that at max charge, the Hydra out-damages all of these weapons, especially the Jet Squelcher, whose damage is undeniably pitiful compared to the Hydra.

A Hydra Splatling user has two types of opponents they have to be most wary of:

  • The weapon's low mobility and long charge time leave its user vulnerable to flankers and sharks wielding short-ranged weapons with rapid fire, heavy damage or both, such as a Splash-o-matic or a Carbon Roller Deco.
    • As a backline, a Hydra Splatling user is usually required to regularly check the map for suspicious spots or trails of opposing ink and constantly keep track of all four of their opponents — which ones are present, which ones are splatted, and which ones are back at their spawn point.
    • Remember that you do not need a full charge to splat a lone short-ranged opponent. If rushed, just charge enough to fire four to eight shots and focus your fire.
    • Some maps provide more flanking in options than others. Stages like Flounder Heights gives the enemy plenty of vectors to attack from. Watch your back, and you might end up turning the tables on someone trying to sneak up on you.
  • A more serious threat to any Hydra Splatling user is an opponent wielding a long-ranged charger. They can splat you in one fully charged shot, takes less time to charge, and usually has an advantage in either range or mobility (if not both):
    • All variants of the Splatterscope (260.37 DU), the E-liter 4K (290.5 DU), and the E-liter 4K Scope (310.5 DU) outrange the Custom Hydra Splatling.[1]
    • While variants of the Splat Charger have a shorter range (240.37 DU)[1] than the maximum range of the Hydra Splatling, their users are more mobile, thanks to their ability to store their charge.
    • While a Hydra Splatling user has reasonable countermeasures against flankers and sharks, they have almost no answer against a competent long-ranged charger user on the opposing team. Focus instead on suppressing the opposing charger user's teammates and rely on your teammates to harass them.
  • The low mobility of a Hydra Splatling user also makes them more vulnerable to certain opposing special weapons, such as Tenta Missiles,[2] Killer Wail 5.1, Crab Tank, and Booyah Bomb. Be wary if an opponent possesses any of these weapons, especially if they can farm them quickly.

While not always as reliable as Ink Mines, Autobombs still provide some utility for the Hydra Splatling user:

  • When attacking an opponent's position, try to throw Autobombs in a direction that distracts the opponent's attention.
  • Autobombs can be used to poke at opponents during the neutral phase.
  • Their tracking ability is a useful feature when checking for sharking opponents, forcing them out of hiding.
  • They can provide space to escape when dropped behind, whether via both swimming and running or via super jumping.
  • Make sure to refill on ink after throwing an Autobomb before charging.
  • Autobombs can be used to distract long range charges, which are one of your primary threats

The Booyah Bomb can either turn the tide of a battle or fully tilt it in its user's team's favor, but only if used properly.

  • In general, activate the Booyah Bomb in a relatively safe place, as even an opposing Aerospray user within range can break the Booyah Bomb armor. The Hydra Splatling user will also be vulnerable after throwing the bomb due to it needing to charge before it can attack.
  • The Booyah Bomb can force opponents – particularly anchors – to move out of position or delay an opponent's offensive push.
  • The explosion of the Booyah Bomb often places enough ink to uncap most Splat Zones and single-handedly capture some smaller Splat Zones.
    • Sometimes, a Booyah Bomb cannot fully capture or uncap a zone. There may also be two separate Splat Zones. Coordinating with teammates and their specials, such as Triple Inkstrike and Ink Storm, can better ensure capturing a zone or two.
  • When deployed, the Booyah Bomb is capable of protecting oneself and one's teammates from attacks - including bombs - and clearing an area of opponents, whether forcing them to flee or splatting them outright.
    • When aimed at the Tower in Tower Control, a Booyah Bomb covers a large area around its point of detonation for a brief amount of time, as opposed to a Killer Wail 5.1, which fires a narrow line for a short period, or a Triple Inkstrike, where the user is vulnerable to being shot down. There are situations where a Booyah Bomb is preferable over a Killer Wail 5.1 in stopping or slowing down the Tower and others where either a Killer Wail or a Triple Inkstrike
  • A Hydra Splatling user can use its Booyah Bomb to stay alive from opponents or specials such as Tenta Missiles or Ink Storm.
  • Keep in mind using the Booyah Bomb completely refills your ink tank, which is very useful in a pinch.
  • The Booyah Bomb is also good for supporting pushes with the Rainmaker or Power Clam.


The Hydra Splatling has great range and powerful damage but is lacks mobility while moving or firing and has trouble leading pushes and pursuing opponents. Be sure to include some mobile, shorter-ranged weapons in the team composition. Otherwise, a team with too many longer-ranged weapons will have major drawbacks:[3]

  • The lack of mobility will make it difficult for such a team to mount a push.
  • The reduced ability to battle in close range will make the team vulnerable to a well-timed flank or a well-positioned shark.

Like other special weapons, Booyah Bomb benefits when it is used in conjunction with other special weapons. Depending on your team's available special weapons, you can use your Booyah Bomb during a push to complement whatever other special weapons are available:

  • Using Booyah Bomb to turf either one end of a large Splat Zone or one of two Splat Zones can make it easier for a teammate with either Triple Inkstrike or a group of teammates protected by a Big Bubbler to turf the other end or Zone.
  • Opponents already fleeing your teammate's Tenta Missiles become easier targets for your Booyah Bomb — or at least will have difficulty dodging both special weapons.

The Booyah Bomb is a unique special weapon that enables its user's teammates to directly assist in powering it up. However, there will be times when it is wiser to refrain from charging a teammate's Booyah Bomb, such as if you are…

  • …in the middle of a confrontation with an opponent.
  • …advanced into the opponents' territory (e.g., while either flanking or sharking) to avoid exposing your position to the opponent.


An opposing Hydra Splatling user who is fully charged and well-positioned – behind cover and with a great vantage point – can be a formidable force; most attempts to directly confront this opponent often result in a one-way-ticket back to the spawn point.

  • If using a short-ranged weapon, try to either get behind them without getting noticed or shark until they come close enough for you to exploit their low mobility and long charge time.
    • Tenta Missiles[2] and Booyah Bomb are both great ways to disrupt a Custom Hydra Splatling if they are charging. Due to the weapon's low running speed while charging, the user will be forced to drop the charge and swim away to avoid the missiles or bomb.
  • Users of other anchor's weapons have different advantages and disadvantages against an opposing Custom Hydra Splatling user:
    • Certain chargers – all variants of the Splatterscope, the E-liter 4K, and the E-liter 4K Scope – can hard-counter an opposing Hydra Splatling user due to their superior range and one-shot-splat potential and the latter's lack of mobility.
    • While variants of the Splat Charger have a shorter range than the maximum range of the Hydra Splatling, their ability to store a charge and one-shot-splat capability give them the advantage.
  • While the, the Bamboozler 14 Mk I, the Flingza Roller and the Nautilus 47 are all outranged by the Custom Hydra Splatling, each of the former weapons can more easily farm their respective special weapons and use them to dislodge the latter, whose lack of mobility makes them a slow-moving target.
  • If located by an Autobomb, try leading it away from important areas or teammates to minimize the damage.
  • Regularly watch the HUD to know when the opposing Hydra Splatling user's Booyah Bomb is fully charged, and both watch and listen for when it is activated.
    • If they activate a Booyah Bomb in an unsafe position, try attacking them, particularly with bombs and chargers.
    • A Triple Inkstrike within range can severely damage Booyah Bomb armor if not destroy it outright.
    • Whenever an opposing Hydra Splatling user charges a Booyah Bomb, any of their teammates – whether active or splatted – who help in powering up the special might expose their positions. Use this opportunity to locate, call out, and – if possible – splat any active opponents who are powering up their teammate's Booyah Bomb.
    • A Booyah Bomb turfs surfaces starting from the center before spreading out. If your weapon has the range to maintain a safe distance from the explosion of an opponent's Booyah Bomb, it is possible to maintain possession of a Splat Zone by turfing the center of where the Bomb landed.

Gear abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.

Ink Resistance Up

Being a splatling, a Hydra user is expected to come in contact with the opponent's ink on various surfaces, which can both be damaging and reduce mobility. Ink Resistance Up not only partially offsets the reduction in mobility but also delays the damage taken from contact with opposing ink.

Quick Super Jump

Quick Super Jump decreases both the "charge" time before and the travel time of a Super Jump, helping its user escape unfavorable situations more quickly. There are some situations where a Hydra will have to jump back to spawn to avoid getting splatted and preserve its Booyah Bomb, and Quick Super Jump will help in this regard.

  • One sub, or 3 ability points, of Quick Super Jump decreases the "charge" time by 22 frames, or 0.36 seconds.
Run Speed Up

Run Speed Up is the bread and butter of most splatling builds, and the Hydra Splatling is no different. This ability will help the weapon's strafing speed, which is valuable for doing standard splatling actions such as charging up behind a wall and peeking out faster to fire.

Swim Speed Up

Due to it being a heavyweight weapon, the user will have a slower swim speed than most other users, which will hurt the weapon when trying to escape. Swim Speed Up can reduce the penalty, allowing more escapes or to get to the battle quicker.

Ink Saver (Main)

The Hydra Splatling is one of few weapons that receive a boosted effect from Ink Saver (Main). One sub ability will let the user complete a third full charge at normal speed without running out of ink.

Respawn Punisher

As a long range anchor weapon, you should be hypothetically fighting from relatively safe areas, at least compared with front line slayers and skirmishers. As such, taking Respawn Punisher might be an attractive prospect, and will help you team out as long as you can get kills and remain alive.

In competitive play

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