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Unofficial! This article discusses content that is not part of official Splatoon canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
Ink Killers
Team Ink Killers.png
Team Information
Location Mexico
Captain(s) INK.Stefan
Created November 1st, 2015
Player Changes

Ink Killers (INK) is a competitive Splatoon team.[1] currently the best representative of Latin America according to LUTI league. [2]


Ink Killers emerged as a union of prominent Latin American players to participate in tournaments by the Spanish-language website, After placing highly in several tournaments, the team officially announced their establishment.[3][4][5]

The team has existed for more than one year and has positioned itself as one of the strongest competitive teams in Latin America next to Los Falcon Punch and Inklings Next Door.

Leagues Under the Ink

Main article: Leagues Under the Ink

In season 2 they participated in the group F the Krak-On division where they finished the group phase in the 1st place after winning all the matches.

In the playoff they advanced to the semifinal after beating One More Time and New Squids on the Block and finished the league in the 3rd general place of the whole division C, reason why they were promoted to the division B for the following season.

In season 3 they played in group C of the division B (Rockenberg) where they finished the group phase in the 1st place. [6]

Ink Killers Klein

Ink Killers Klein is a subdivision of Ink Killers made up of trainee players who intended to increase their ability to enter the main division. The team participated in several tournaments such as the LUTI league, the CIS league and the Nicaraguan Championship with average results. The term "Klein" comes from the german language and means "small"

Liga de Campeones Internacionales de Splatoon (CIS)

The team was the main host of the Splatoon International Champion's League (CIS) where 32 Latin American clans participated. This league received a very high rating from the participants (Only one team retired during the 2 months of the league), The league had the participation of invited teams like Chimera and Get Kraken [7]. Participants have requested a second season.


  • INK.Stefan (Captain)
  • INK.Jøseph
  • INK. UwU
  • INKLinkmex
  • VanDerMoro
  • INK.Donuts
  • INK.Andrea
  • INK.Juan
  • INK.ξνάи®
  • INK.Slayer

Guest members

  • INK.axl2114 (From Super Inkling Bros)
  • INK.Cloud (From Ink Destroyers)
  • INK.Trifor (From Los Falcon Punch)

Ink Killers "Klein"

  • INK.Tanuki
  • INK.Paolo
  • INK.Fukase
  • RigooOzINK
  • INK.Yahir
  • INK.JesusM
  • INK.rafgvi
  • INK.Fluffy
  • INK.Zoa

Tournament Placements

Tournament Date Place Host
LUTI (Season 4) March, 2017 (Div. B) [8] SB
Liga de Campeones Internacionales de Splatoon 2 (CIS2) March, 2017 - [9] SB
LUTI (Season 3) November, 2016 (Div. B) 6th/28 [10] SB
Campeonato Nicaragüense de Splatoon (CNS) November, 2016 2nd/40 [11] CNS
Liga de Campeones Internacionales de Splatoon (CIS) Jul-Sep, 2016 5th/32 [12] Liga de Campeones Internacionales de Splatoon
LUTI (Season 2) August, 2016 (Div. C) 3rd/48 [13] SB
Liga MX June, 2016 3rd/24 Splatoon Liga MX
Liga SMO April, 2016 2nd/12 [14][15] Splatoon Mexico Oficial
Supernova April, 2016 15th/32 [16] SB
Segunda liga Mexicana de Splatoon Mar, 2016 2nd [5] Splatoon Mexico
Messtival 3! Feb, 2016 17th/32 [17] SB
Segundo Torneo por clanes "Splatoon" Jan, 2016 1st [4]
Torneo por clanes "Splatoon" Nov, 2015 1st [3]