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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
This page is about a strategy page for the Ink Storm. For a Splatoon online tournament, see Competitive:Inkstorm.

Splatoon 2

Ink Storm

Ink Storm

Abbreviations Rain, Rain Cloud
Base damage 0.4 per frame (24 per second)
Base duration 8 seconds
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Soft area denial, can initiate or stall pushes, safer and less commitment than Bomb Launcher[1]
Weaknesses Less damage and turfing than Bomb Launcher

A unique special weapon introduced in Splatoon 2, Ink Storm is an area of effect weapon that serves a similar purpose to that of both Bomb Launcher and its Splatoon predecessor, Bomb Rush. While its effects are less pronounced, Ink Storm works automatically once launched, allowing its user to remain relatively safe compared to a Bomb Launcher user.


Ink Storm creates a rain cloud of ink, which gradually drifts above the stage and precipitates ink onto inkable non-vertical surfaces, opponents, and objects:

  • Immediately upon activating the special, its user will be holding the Ink Storm device above their head.
    • This phase of the special is untimed, allowing its user to relocate and aim it. However, they are vulnerable to attack from their opponents.
    • Sub Strafing can also be used during this time.
    • Therefore, do not activate the special while being attacked, and make sure to throw it before an opponent can splat you.
  • The Ink Storm device needs to be thrown onto a surface in order to work. Throwing the device ether into water or out-of-bounds will waste the special altogether.
  • The Ink Storm cloud will begin directly above the exact point where the device struck a surface and travel in the direction that it was thrown.
  • The ink drops from the storm will inflict damage at a rate of 0.4 HP per frame, or 24 HP per second. Therefore, it will take 4.17 seconds of exposure to splat an opponent at full health.
    • Slower, less mobile opponents – especially Rainmaker carriers – are less capable of escaping Ink Storm's area of effect and, thus, are more adversely affected.
    • Users of main weapons whose damage can be augmented with Main Power Up – notably the Splattershot Pro and the Custom Dualie Squelchers – benefit greatly from Ink Storm's damage, as this allows them to more easily splat their ink-soaked opponents in one fewer hit. Remember this also applies to teammates whose main weapon damage can be boosted with Main Power Up as well — such as users of the Splash-o-matic and the Bamboozler 14 Mk I.
    • Its gradual damage makes it a good counter against Ink Armor, especially when paired with Object Shredder.
    • Ink Storm's damage on the opponent becomes more effective whenever the opponent has less space to maneuver around, such as in an alley or on the Tower.
  • Defensively, Ink Storm can slow or disrupt the opponents' push by either altering their intended attack routes or weakening any opponents within the storm.
  • Offensively, Ink Storm can soften opposing defenses by forcing opponents out of optimal positions and inflicting chip damage onto those caught in the ink rain.
  • Besides potentially damaging opponents, Ink Storm also gradually turfs any non-vertical surface it travels over:
    • Although an Ink Storm may not be enough to capture an entire zone or two by itself, it can still help capture zones by pushing out opponents.
    • While Bomb Launcher is more damaging and thorough in turfing, Ink Storm works automatically and allows its user to remain in relative safety.
    • The damaging and turfing effects of Ink Storm are slower and more gradual than those of Booyah Bomb but last longer and affect a larger area, due to its drift.
  • An Ink Storm above the Rainmaker can either weaken its shield to pop it or prevent the opponent from popping it.
  • Special weapons are also free ink tank refills, and since the Ink Storm doesn't require much commitment to use, it can be used to quickly top up your ink tank.


Ink Storm is intended for either contesting territory, such as Splat Zones, or stalling opponents' pushes but is not as reliable at splatting opponents who actively avoid the Storm. Therefore, it is advised to have other special weapons available to complement Ink Storm, as having too many users of any combination of Ink Storm and Bomb Launcher (no more than two) in a team composition will limit a team's arsenal of weapons:[2]

  • Ink Storm provides no direct means of protection, meaning that opponents can still fire or throw sub weapons into the Storm.
  • Other special weapons, such as Inkjet or Sting Ray, are intended for splatting opponents and more capable at this than is Ink Storm.

Combining Ink Storm with other specials can bolster a team's ability to either make a push or counter the opponents' push:

  • While Ink Storm can be used to drive away opponents from a contested territory, Ink Armor and other protective special weapons, such as Baller and Bubble Blower, can increase the survivability of a team as they push into the territory.
  • After launching Ink Storm, a teammate who is using a special weapon intended to splat opponents, such as Sting Ray or Inkjet, can further limit the opponents' escape options or splat them as they scatter.


When facing an opposing Ink Storm, assess where is a safe place to either reroute an attack or reposition on defense:

  • In general, avoid getting caught under an opponent's Ink Storm for an extended time, but also be wary of opponents waiting to pick off anyone fleeing the Storm.
  • When facing a team who possesses both Ink Storm and main weapons whose damage is increased with Main Power Up, pay extra attention to where the Main Power Up-boosted opponents are at whenever they launch their Ink Storm.
  • If you must travel under an opponent's Ink Storm, avoid moving in the same direction that the Storm is traveling to minimize damage.
  • Even while avoiding an opponent's Ink Storm, it is still possible to turf or otherwise influence the area underneath. Long-ranged weapons, thrown sub weapons, and other special weapons (such as a counter-Ink Storm or Bomb Launcher) can splat opponents or dissuade them from occupying the turf underneath.