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For information about the Kensa Charger, see Kensa Charger.

Splatoon 2

Kensa Charger

Kensa Charger

Abbreviations KCharger, Charger
Sub Sprinkler
Special Baller
Base damage 40–80 (Partial charge)
160 (Full charge)
Base duration
Ink consumption 2.25% (No charge)
18% (Full charge)
Special points 190p
Special depletion
Role Anchor[1]
Strengths Range, one-shot splat, storing charges allows for more mobility and aggressive play, Baller allows for more aggressive positioning, lower special guage requirement than its other two variants
Weaknesses Poor turfing, lack of mobility, vulnerable at close range, lack of synergy

While Kensa Charger has the long range one shot splat as its other two variants, its generally outclassed by its other variants due to its aggressive kit of Sprinkler and Baller being less favorable in competitive play.


Like most other chargers, the Kensa Charger is an anchor's weapon:

  • Most chargers, including the Kensa Charger, can fire three different types of shots:
    • Tap shots are the quickest but weakest and shortest-ranged shots available. These are best used for quickly turfing and splatting weakened opponents.
    • Partially charged shots have slightly more damage, longer range, and more turf than tap shots. If forced to fight in close quarters without enough ink to use a Splash Wall, partially charged shots are preferred over tap shots.
    • Fully charged shots provide both the longest range and the most damage, making them ideal for use while sniping or turfing long lines to travel along.
    • The charging rate slows down to 33.33% of its usual charging speed whenever either the ink tank is empty or one is airborne while charging. Stay on the ground while charging and watch the ink tank.
  • The range of the Kensa Charger depends on how long it is charged. Note that range is measured from the end of its long muzzle[2]:
    • Tap shots only have a range of about 90 DU, or distance units. This is shorter than the ranges of many short- to medium-ranged weapons, such as the Splattershot (116.99 DU[2]), the Tri-Slosher (about 120 DU), and the Dark Tetra Dualies (132.5 DU[2]).
    • Partially charged shots have a range between 90 DU and 240 DU based on how long each shot is charged. For example, charging for 0.25 seconds should increase the range by about 37.5 DU for a total of about 127.5 DU. Combined with the longer muzzle, this should outrange most short-ranged weapons.
    • The fully charged range of the Kensa Charger, measured at 240.37 DU[2], is one of the longest in the game, exceeding that of Dynamo Rollers, Exploshers, and most splatlings.
  • Damage from the Kensa Charger also increases as charge time increases:
    • Tap shots only inflict 40 HP of damage, while partially charged shots range from 40 HP to 80 HP of damage depending on how long they are charged. Charging for at least 0.25 seconds inflicts at least 50 HP of damage, which is enough to splat most opponents in two shots.
      • While Main Power Up can increase damage, it cannot increase the damage of shots below full charge to 100.0 HP, unlike how Damage Up could in Splatoon.
    • A fully charged shot not only delivers 160 HP of damage but can also pierce targets, allowing one to splat multiple targets in a straight line.
  • Remember to use peeking to more effectively snipe targets whenever possible:
    • Because all Inklings and Octolings are right-handed, right-side peeking is generally more effective than left-side peeking.[3]
  • Like other chargers lacking a scope (except the Bamboozler 14 Mk I and its variants), the Kensa Charger can store a full charge while submerged in ink:
    • This provides it more mobility than scoped chargers, allowing it to travel between sniping locations with a shot ready, more easily snipe during a jump, and play more aggressively overall.
    • To hold a charge longer than the 1.25 seconds limit, reemerge from the ink in a safe location. Then, submerge again to reset the timer.
    • The ability to store a charge makes left-side peeking more viable in Splatoon 2.[3]
  • Like most chargers, the Kensa Charger has a few notable drawbacks besides its poor turfing and weak close-combat capabilities:
    • While the Kensa Charger's middleweight nature provides average running (0.96 DU/f[4], or distance units per frame) and swimming speed (1.92 DU/f[4]), its user is very immobile while charging a shot (0.2 DU/f[4]). Remember to push forward with your teammates whenever your team has a significant numbers advantage. Conversely, always be ready to retreat – via Super Jumping if necessary – should the opponents gain the advantage or come uncomfortably close.
    • The Kensa Charger consumes plenty of ink per fully charged shot (18% of the ink tank). To avoid getting caught with an empty tank, watch your ink consumption, avoid the opponent's ink and Toxic Mist, and remain nearby friendly ink in which you can hide, reload, and retreat if necessary.
    • Using a charger can cause players to have tunnel vision as they focus on potential targets to snipe. Checking the map with X for the opponents' positions and movement patterns is important for any player, but it is very essential for an anchor, such as a Kensa Charger wielder, to watch for any flanking attempts by the opponent, as getting flanked and splatted often leaves a gaping hole in their team's defenses.[5]

Sprinkler can be used in a couple ways to help its user.

  • Placing a Sprinkler on an area that the Kensa Charger can't safely and efficiently paint normally will help farm for its special.
  • Placing a Sprinkler on the Kensa Charger's feet will help when its in a close range scramble.
    • Sprinkler has 120 hp, unless an opponent has object shredder in which the sprinkler will be destroyed in one hit, it can be used to make space for a Kensa Charger use to find space to snipe its opponent back or super jump out.