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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about the Kensa Dynamo Roller, see Kensa Dynamo Roller.

Splatoon 2

Kensa Dynamo Roller

Kensa Dynamo Roller

Abbreviations Kensa Dynamo, Dynamo
Sub S2 Weapon Sub Sprinkler.png Sprinkler
Special S2 Weapon Special Booyah Bomb.png Booyah Bomb
Base damage 40–180 (Ground)
40–180 (Midair)
125 (Roll)
Base duration
Ink consumption 18% (Splash)
0.1% per frame (Roll)
Special points 180p
Special depletion
Role Support[1]/Anchor Flex[2]
Strengths High damage, long range,[3] medium- to long-range suppression,[4] heavy turfing, some Booyah Bomb farming[2]
Weaknesses Difficult to learn, low mobility, long lag between swings, high ink consumption,[3] highly dependent on abilities


While the turfing ability and kit of the Kensa Dynamo Roller suggests it to be a support weapon, its long range allows it to find success as an anchor as well:

  • Its heavy damage enables it – sometimes with the help from Main Power Up – to destroy certain protective special weapons in one hit, such as Ink Armor and Baller.[2]
  • As with other rollers in Splatoon 2, one can now vary how to swing the Kensa Dynamo Roller: horizontally when on the ground and vertically when in midair.
    • To perform a horizontal swing while jumping, press first, then press .
    • To perform a horizontal swing after a jump or drop, wait until you land before pressing .
  • The long range of its swings – particularly the vertical swing – can reach over some obstacles, poke at and pressure opponents[5], and even swat opposing Inkjet pilots in midair![6]
    • Right-side peeking with this weapon can be extremely useful when performed correctly. Because all Inklings and Octolings are right-handed, if you start your swing behind a wall, but keep moving right, you can peek out just as the weapon comes down. This is more effective on vertical swings rather than horizontal swings because the horizontal swing will get around half of its hitbox blocked by the wall, lowering the power of the swing.
  • It can turf large areas with the horizontal swing and long swaths with the vertical one to create paths to swim along, all while quickly building up the special gauge.

Spacing and positioning are critical when wielding the Kensa Dynamo Roller, so learn its various effective ranges for both the horizontal and vertical swings — the lethal range (the maximum range at which at least 100 HP of damage is inflicted), the two-hit range (the maximum range at which at least 50 HP of damage is delivered), and the maximum range:

  • Without the benefit of Main Power Up, the longer-reaching vertical swing has…
  • While not as long-ranged, the horizontal swing still has…
    • …a lethal range of 110 DU, nearly matching that of the Splash-o-matic (110.03 DU[7]).
    • …a two-hit range of about 165 DU, longer than that of the L-3 Nozzlenose (141.36 DU[7]) and the Mini Splatling (130.1-154.1 DU[7]).
    • …a maximum range of about 185 DU, which is just shy of the burst fire mode of the Squeezer (187.39 DU[7]).
  • By increasing the damage output of both swings, Main Power Up can slightly increase these various ranges.
  • Because of the Kensa Dynamo Roller's low mobility and long lag between swings, it is more effective in both suppressing the opponents' movement and punishing those who overextend than in pursuing them. Thus, it is usually best to remain a distance around the two-hit range from an opponent and only exploit the lethal damage should they come within the lethal range.

As already mentioned, the Kensa Dynamo Roller has a few glaring drawbacks, including its aforementioned lack of mobility and slow fire rate:

  • The heavyweight nature of the Kensa Dynamo Roller slows its user down to a run speed of 0.88 DU/f[8], a swim speed of 1.73 DU/f[8], and a run speed of 0.24 DU/f while swinging the weapon, making a Kensa Dynamo Roller user an easy target for an opponent wielding a long-ranged weapon, especially a charger.
  • The Kensa Dynamo Roller is also very slow to wield, taking 65 frames – just over a second – to swing horizontally and 80 frames – 1.33 seconds – to swing vertically.
    • This long lag between swings makes a Kensa Dynamo Roller user vulnerable at close range to rapid firing weapons.
    • Once is pressed, a Kensa Dynamo Roller user is committed to swinging their weapon and cannot cancel the swing by any means except by activating Booyah Bomb, a tactic that has little useful application. Therefore, be aware of your surroundings (i.e. be wary of opposing chargers, flanks, and sharks) and do not swing the weapon without a good purpose.
  • The Kensa Dynamo Roller also consumes plenty of ink per swing (18% of the ink tank – equal to that of a Splat Charger), only capable of five swings before needing to refill.
    • This makes it dependent on ink-conserving and ink-recovering abilities in order to function optimally.
    • Combined with its low mobility and long lag between swings, this also makes the Kensa Dynamo Roller user an especially vulnerable target whenever they are surrounded by opposing ink, such as after getting hit by a Burst Bomb or a shot from an Explosher.
    • Keep an eye on the ink tank and avoid travelling too far in turf covered by the opponents' ink.

The Sprinkler can be used in a variety of ways to help its user:

  • They can used to turf areas that are either out of reach or unsafe to approach.
  • They can help maintain turf onto highly contested areas, such as on the Tower. A Sprinkler placed high on a wall or ceiling can also be a distraction for an opponent.
  • They can also act as a light shield in a pinch. Sprinklers have 120 hit points but are easily destroyed by opponents armed with Object Shredder.
  • Throwing a Spinkler at your feet is a faster way to give yourself ink to stand in than swinging the weapon. Throwing it at short walls can also give the ink needed to climb the wall faster than painting it with your main weapon.

The Booyah Bomb can either turn the tide of a battle or fully tilt it in the team's favor, but only if used properly.

  • In general, activate the Booyah Bomb in a relatively safe place, as even a Splattershot Jr. within range can break the Booyah Bomb armor.
  • The Booyah Bomb can force opponents – particularly anchors – to move out of position or delay an opponent's offensive push.
  • The explosion of the Booyah Bomb places enough ink to uncap most Splat Zones and single-handedly capture some smaller Splat Zones.
    • Often, a Booyah Bomb will not be enough to fully capture a zone. Coordinating with teammates and their specials, such as Bomb Launcher and Baller, can better ensure capturing a zone.
  • When deployed, the Booyah Bomb is capable of protecting oneself and one's teammates from attacks - including bombs - and clearing an area of opponents, whether forcing them to flee or splatting them outright.
    • Because the Booyah Bomb can nullify an opponent's bombs, it serves as a great counter to an opponent's Bomb Launcher, particularly when maintaining control over a zone.
    • When aimed at the Tower in Tower Control, the Booyah Bomb covers a large area around its point of detonation for a brief amount of time, as opposed to the Sting Ray, which fires a narrow line for a more sustained period. There are situations where a Booyah Bomb is preferable over a Sting Ray in stopping or slowing down the Tower and other situations where a Sting Ray is more effective.


The Kensa Dynamo Roller has great range and thorough turfing but is lacks mobility while moving or firing and has trouble leading pushes and pursuing opponents. Be sure to include some mobile, shorter-ranged weapons in the team composition. Otherwise, a team with too many longer-ranged weapons will have major drawbacks:[9]

  • The lack of mobility will make it difficult for such a team to mount a push.
  • The reduced ability to battle in close range will make the team vulnerable to a well-timed flank or a well-positioned shark.

The Kensa Dynamo Roller's lack of lethal bombs – particularly either Splat or Suction Bombs – generally necessitates its user's teammates to equip weapons that include them. Lethal bombs provide their user's team a couple advantages over another team that has no lethal bombs in its composition:[9]

  • Their one-hit-splat offers its user's team chances of instantly gaining a numbers advantage, from which a game-winning push can arise.
  • Their lethal explosion provides space for its user's team to either push into an area held by the opponent or stall an opponent's push.

The Booyah Bomb is a unique special weapon that enables its user's teammates to directly assist in powering it up. However, some considerations need to be taken regarding this trait:

  • If you are advanced into the opponents' territory or are either flanking or sharking, refrain from charging a teammate's Booyah Bomb to avoid exposing your position to the opponent.
  • It is also generally advised to refrain from charging a teammate's Booyah Bomb while in the middle of a confrontation with an opponent.


  • An opponent wielding a Kensa Dynamo Roller is a slow moving, slow swinging target that is easy prey for a any long-ranged weapon user to pick off:
    • The Custom Hydra Splatling (203.92-257.68 DU[7]), the Splatterscope (260.37 DU[7]), the E-liter 4K (290.5 DU[7]), and the E-liter 4K Scope (310.5 DU[7]) all outrange the Kensa Dynamo Roller and can splat opponents in one hit.
    • While the Splat Charger has a similar range (240.37 DU[7]) to the maximum range of the Kensa Dynamo Roller, it has a one-shot splat and is more mobile thanks to charge storing.
    • While the Classic Squiffer (167.65 DU[7]), the Bamboozler 14 Mk I, the Jet Squelcher (212.64 DU[7]), the Heavy Splatling, and the Ballpoint Splatling all have shorter ranges than the maximum range of the Kensa Dynamo Roller, each one can inflict damage more quickly than a Kensa Dynamo Roller can.
    • While the Explosher has a range (200 DU) and fire rate (70 frames) comparable to those of the Kensa Dynamo Roller, the former can turf more quickly and heavily at this range, immobilizing an opposing Kensa Dynamo Roller user and leaving them vulnerable for a teammate to splat.
    • A pilot of the mobile and long-ranged Inkjet can exploit the Kensa Dynamo Roller's lack of mobility but must take care not to get within the range of the opponent's vertical swing. Keep your distance – by hovering over higher ground if possible – and lead your shots. Even near misses will inflict splash damage and ink the turf surrounding the opposing Kensa Dynamo Roller user, further immobilizing them.
    • An opposing Kensa Dynamo Roller user will have a harder time than others to escape from Tenta Missiles, a Sting Ray, an Ink Storm or a Booyah Bomb.
  • While the Kensa Dynamo Roller has a long lag time between swings that can be exploited by short-ranged, rapid firing weapons, any user worth their salt is more than capable of punishing anyone who attempts to rush it head-on. To exploit this weakness, rely on timely flanking or careful sharking and catch the opposing Kensa Dynamo Roller user by surprise. However, watch out for any Splat Bombs they might drop in self-defense.
    • An Inkbrush can normally get an easy splat by either rushing at or flanking a player with a Gold Dynamo Roller, but caution is advised if you rush at a Gold Dynamo Roller head-on, because they might swing their weapon just in time to stop an incoming Inkbrush.
  • Throwing bombs or Toxic Mist at an opposing Kensa Dynamo Roller user can force them out of position and exploit their low mobility:
    • Splat Bombs can be rolled at an opposing Kensa Dynamo Roller user when they initiate a swing. If timed and spaced properly, the opponent will not likely be able to escape in time, either getting splatted or at the very least taking some splash damage.
    • Autobombs and Torpedoes are harder for an opposing Kensa Dynamo Roller user to avoid than for a shooter user due to their low mobility.
    • Torpedoes also require an opposing Kensa Dynamo Roller to use a full swing to destroy one, wasting ink and distracting their focus.
    • While Toxic Mist does not damage the opponent, it drains their ink tank and cripples their movement, making them more vulnerable to a direct assault.
  • If an opponent's Sprinkler is present nearby, make sure that no opponents are hiding nearby before attempting to destroy it.
  • Regularly watch the HUD to know when an opposing Kensa Dynamo Roller's Booyah Bomb is fully charged, and both watch and listen for when it is activated.
    • If an opponent activates a Booyah Bomb in an unsafe position, try attacking them, particularly with bombs and chargers.
    • Tenta Missiles can splat a Booyah Bomb user in three direct hits.
    • A Splashdown within range can severely damage Booyah Bomb armor if not destroy it outright.
    • While an opponent charges a Booyah Bomb, any of their teammates – whether active or splatted – who help in powering up the special might expose their positions. Use this opportunity to locate, call out, and – if possible – splat any active opponents who are powering up their teammate's Booyah Bomb.

Gear abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.

S2 Ability Bomb Defense Up DX.png Bomb Defense Up DX

Because bombs are a good countermeasure against an opposing Dynamo user, a Kensa Dynamo Roller user can expect to have the opponents' bombs thrown their way. Ever since its introduction in Version 4.3.0, Bomb Defense Up DX will not only reduce the damage taken from opposing sub and special weapons that are not one-hit-splat but will also reduce the duration of the tracking effects of certain opponent's sub and special weapons, such as Point Sensors and Ink Mines, allowing the user of this ability to evade detection more easily. Just three ability points, or one sub, offer plenty of utility:[10][11]

  • The splash damage of most bombs is reduced from 30 HP to 28.6 HP. This reduction in damage provides two benefits:
    • It prevents its user from being exposed on their opponents' map by the splash damage of most single bombs.
    • Ink Armor will not break due to splash damage from a single bomb whose splash damage normally inflicts 30 HP of damage.
  • The splash damage of near-misses from either Tenta Missiles or Inkjet, the minimum splash damage of bubbles, and the collision damage from Baller are all reduced from 50 HP to 48.3 HP,[12] enabling one to survive two hits from any of these specific means of special weapon damage.
S2 Ability Ink Resistance Up.png Ink Resistance Up

Even though a Kensa Dynamo Roller user generally keeps their distance from opponents, they can still expect to come in contact with opposing ink on various surfaces, particularly while swimming from one location to another. While in contact with the opponent's ink, Ink Resistance Up both delays the damage taken and partially offsets reduction in running speed and jumping height — including while swinging the weapon.[10][11][12]

  • Just three ability points, or one sub,…
    • …delays the damage taken from opposing ink by 10 frames.
    • …reduces the damage taken from 0.3 HP/f (health points per frame) to 0.2 HP/f.
    • …lowers the limit on the amount of damage opposing ink on surfaces can inflict from 40 HP to 38 HP.
    • …increases the normal running speed in opposing ink from 0.24 DU/f to 0.33 DU/f.[8]
    • …increases the jumping height in opposing ink from 0.8 to 0.854.[12]
  • Six ability points, or two subs,…
    • …delays the damage taken from opposing ink by 15 frames.
    • …reduces the damage taken to 0.2 HP/f.
    • …lowers the damage limit of opposing ink to 36.2 HP.
    • …increases the normal running speed in opposing ink to 0.39 DU/f.[8]
    • …increases the jumping height in opposing ink to 0.888.[12]
S2 Ability Ink Saver (Main).png Ink Saver (Main)

Reducing the Kensa Dynamo Roller's high ink consumption allows its user to swing it more often before having to refill their ink tank. Not only can this be accomplished this with Ink Saver (Main), it is also one of nineteen weapons in Splatoon 2 that receives a stronger effect from this ability. For example, just three ability points, or one sub, allows a Kensa Dynamo Roller user to swing their main weapon with full damage six times instead of the default five. However, it would be wise to invest even more ability points into Ink Saver (Main) to enable more use of the main weapon:[10]

  • Eight ability points – achievable with three subs – allows a Kensa Dynamo Roller user to throw a Sprinkler and swing the main weapon twice from a full ink tank.
  • Ten ability points, or one main, increases the number of fully damaging swings to seven.
  • Nineteen ability points, or a pure — one main and three subs, increases the number of swings further to eight.
  • 28 ability points – achievable with one main and six subs, two mains and three subs, or three mains – further increases the number of swings to nine.
S2 Ability Last-Ditch Effort.png Last-Ditch Effort

Last-Ditch Effort is a Headgear-exclusive ability that, under specific conditions, grants its user 1 to 24 ability points each of the following abilities:

These abilities only begin to take effect under either of the following conditions:

  • There are at most 30 seconds remaining on the game clock, or Overtime has begun in a Ranked Battle, at which the maximum 24 ability points will be granted for each of the above abilities.
  • In a Ranked Battle, the opposing team's countdown has at most 50 points remaining. The effects of Last-Ditch Effort increase as the opposing team's countdown decreases from 50 to 30 points remaining, starting with 1 ability point for each ability and maxing out to 24 ability points.

A Kensa Dynamo Roller user can potentially benefit greatly from Last-Ditch Effort, particularly from Ink Saver (Main) and Ink Recovery Up, allowing them to more freely use the main weapon during the final moments of a battle or whenever the opposing team has decreased their count a substantial amount.[10] However, a Kensa Dynamo Roller user equipped with at least two mains of Ink Saver (Main) will have to decide whether it is worthwhile to sacrifice one full swing of their main weapon from the start of the battle for the possible trade-off of receiving two extra swings – one more than with another Ink Saver (Main) – late in the battle.

S2 Ability Main Power Up.png Main Power Up

Main Power Up increases damage to rollers by up to 15%, slightly increasing the lethal and two-hit ranges of the Kensa Dynamo Roller, making it more consistent at inflicting damage.[10]

S2 Ability Quick Super Jump.png Quick Super Jump

Quick Super Jump decreases both the "charge" time before and the travel time of a Super Jump, allowing its user to escape more quickly. A Kensa Dynamo Roller user struggles to escape from rushing opponents and would also have an incentive to maintain valuable special gauge progress for their Booyah Bomb.[10][11]

  • Six ability points, or two subs, of Quick Super Jump decreases the "charge" time by 30 frames, or 0.5 seconds.[8]
S2 Ability Special Charge Up.png Special Charge Up

Special Charge Up accelerates building up the special gauge for Booyah Bomb. Since farming Booyah Bomb is one of a few roles of the Kensa Dynamo Roller, constantly having Booyah Bomb available for teammates ensures more successful pushes and counter-pushes.[10]

  • Ten ability points – one main – are enough to reduce the special gauge requirement to 166p.[8]
S2 Ability Swim Speed Up.png Swim Speed Up

Due to being a heavyweight weapon, the Kensa Dynamo Roller inherently slows the swim speed of its user. Swim Speed Up enables them to more quickly return to the site of engagement, more quickly respond to an opponents' push, and better keep their distance from aggressive opponents.[10]

  • Just three ability points, or one sub, will increase the Dynamo's swim speed to 1.88 units per frame - which is roughly the same as a middleweight weapon without any Swim Speed Up, at 1.92 units per frame.
  • Nine ability points, or three subs, will allow the user to swim just slightly faster than a lightweight weapon without any Swim Speed Up at 2.02 units per frame.[8]



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