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For information about the Kensa L-3 Nozzlenose, see Kensa L-3 Nozzlenose.
Kensa L-3 Nozzlenose

Kensa L-3 Nozzlenose

Kensa L-3, K L-3
Sub S2 Weapon Sub Splash Wall.png Splash Wall
Special S2 Weapon Special Ultra Stamp.png Ultra Stamp
Base damage 29
Ink consumption 1.15% (3.45 per Button1 ZR.png)
Special points 180p
Special depletion
Role Slayer [1]
Strengths Range (compared to Splattershot), Quick bursts
Weaknesses Requires precise accuracy, less damage and range (compared to Splattershot Pro)

Splatoon 2


Like its Vanilla and Dolphin variants, the Kensa L-3 Nozzlenose is a medium ranged slayer with quick bursts with some supportive tendencies.[2]

  • It outranges numerous slayers, including the Splattershot, Splat Dualies, and even the Kensa .52 Gal.
    • The ink coverage of the L-3 Nozzlenose is very efficient for turfing, which helps maintain map control and quickly build up the special gauge.
    • Its mobility, particularly while firing, is amazing for a middleweight weapon, outpacing the Splattershot Pro, the Splattershot, even the Splash-o-matic. Run Speed Up can further increase this mobility, making its user a more difficult target to hit while firing.
    • Main Power Up can increase its damage per shot, maxing out at 33.3 with 24 ability points - about two mains and one sub - as of Version 5.1.0.
    • Comeback, Quick Respawn, and Stealth Jump are abilities that each encourage aggressive play for a slayer.
  • As a burst-fire shooter, the L-3 Nozzlenose requires a higher level of skill than an automatic shooter to be effective:
    • Its user must be more accurate with aiming, due to the delay between bursts.
    • A user of any burst-fire shooter has to be able to lead shots in order to maximize the damage per burst.

The Splash Wall is mostly used for defensive purposes, but when the time comes, it may be used offensively.

  • Any bombs thrown by an opponent that hit a Splash Wall will instantly explode, potentially splatting the Splash Wall's user or their teammates.
    • Refrain from either showering in or rushing through the wall until it is certain that the opponent has no bombs available in the area.
    • Do not throw a Splash Wall behind a teammate, as an opponent's bomb thrown into the wall can instantly splat them.
  • Defensively, it can allow its user to evade a pursuing opponent[3] or hinder the opponents' push, blocking both their movement and their fire.
  • Offensively, a Splash Wall can restrain the opponents' movement, allowing its user and their teammates to push forward or gain map control.
  • Throwing a Splash Wall behind an opponent can prevent them from fleeing.[4]
  • A Splash Wall can nullify a Brella shield — even a Tenta Brella shield.
    • If an opposing Brella user launches their shield, dropping a Splash Wall in front of it will cause both to negate one another, potentially denying a Rainmaker or Power Clam push.
    • At maximum, it takes 36-41% of the ink tank to launch a Brella shield and 60% to drop a Splash Wall. However, the Splash Wall can be deployed far more quickly, allowing its owner more time to reload ink or reposition themselves to a more favorable location.
  • In Splatoon 2, the Tower will destroy any Splash Wall it collides into. However, a Splash Wall may be placed onto the Tower to protect its user or their teammate while riding it. (Once again, watch out for the opponents' bombs.)



The Kensa L-3 Nozzlenose can easily be countered by a weapon that has more range and has a lethal bomb to destroy Splash Walls, such as the Kensa Splattershot Pro or the Nautilus 79.

  • Beware of the opponent's Ultra Stamp, as it may easily splat its target if they get close enough.
    • If far enough, it is recommended to go follow the Ultra Stamp and try to splat the user.
    • Ultra Stamp can diffuse bombs like Splashdown and Booyah Bomb, so try to place a Splat Bomb or Suction Bomb next to the path the Ultra Stamp is going instead of directly in front of the Ultra Stamp.

Gear Abilities

Gear abilities provide different effects in battle that benefit the player with their equipped weapon. This is a guide to gear abilities in relation to the weapon. Strategy, synergy, viability, and purpose may be written here.

S2 Ability Main Power Up.png Main Power Up

Increases main weapon damage up to 33.3 per shot.

S2 Ability Run Speed Up.png Run Speed Up

Increases running speed, particularly while firing.