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Unofficial! This article discusses content that is not part of official Splatoon canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
Messtival! 4

Messtival! 4

Organizer Njok
Type Online
Location Squidboards
Format Swiss Bracket
Modes Splat Zones
Tower Control
Start Date April 16th, 2016
End Date April 17th, 2016
Winner Chimera

Messtival! 4 was a Splatoon online tournament held on April 16th-17th, 2016.[1]

It was the seventh tournament in the Messtival! tournament series.


The standings for the event are as follows:[2]

Place Team
1st Chimera
2nd Name Subject to Change
3rd Koopa Clan
4th SpeedRunsLive
5th Choke Squad
Le_Meme Team
7th Crème Fresh
CoolDown Splatoon
9th Got Kraken
∞Team Infinity∞