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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about the REEF-LUX 450, see REEF-LUX 450.


Abbreviations REEF-LUX, Reef, Flux
Sub S3 Weapon Sub Curling Bomb.png Curling Bomb
Special S3 Weapon Special Tenta Missiles.png Tenta Missiles
Base damage
  • (per projectile) 30 (without charging)
  • >30 to <45 (with charge, but before 1st level of charging)
  • 45 (1st and 2nd level of charging)
Base duration
Ink consumption
Special points 210p
Special depletion
Role Support/Slayer
Strengths Turfing, high damage, mobility with charge storing, Tenta Missile farming, arcing shots
Weaknesses Short range compared to other slayer weapons, inconsistent damage, vulnerable while charging

Splatoon 3


The REEF-LUX 450 is both a support and slayer-type weapon, part of the Stringer class. Similar to the Tri-Stringer, this weapon launches a trio of ink bullets that can immediately splat enemies if charged long enough. Dissimilarly, this weapon charges faster, can hold a full charge in swim form, but cannot fire exploding projectiles.

  • The REEF-LUX 450 is a support weapon because:
    • Its fast fire rate and excellent turfing ability allows it to provide map control for teammates.
    • Its paints for the special Tenta Missiles, which help your team push forward to certain areas on the stage.
  • The REEF-LUX is a slayer weapon because:
    • It can charge its fatal ink bullets almost instantly, similar to the Squiffer.
    • It can hold its charge, allowing it to quickly move around into better positions.

Curling Bomb can be used for multiple different things.

  • Curling Bomb can help the REEF-LUX move around, as its fully charged shot does not paint a straight line.
  • Charging up the Curling Bomb can leave a trap for opponents pursuing the REEF-LUX.
  • The Curling Bomb can distract opponents into re-inking the area to check for intruders.

The Tenta Missiles have a few uses on the REEF-LUX.

  • Tenta Missiles can displace backlines that are targeting teammates.
  • Tenta Missiles can reveal the locations of enemies for your team.
  • The Tenta Missiles can distract opponents before entering battle. The REEF-LUX can then move in and splat opponents that are distracted by the incoming missiles.


  • As a slayer, this weapon does well with backup from frontline slayers and/or supporting fire from other support weapons, as this weapon is not as independent as others.
  • In Tacticooler comps, the REEF-LUX does well. Tacticooler's effects increase the mobility of the REEF-LUX further. Tacticooler's Special Saver can be good to preserve REEF-LUX's Tenta Missiles after its splatted, and its Quick Respawn can help REEF-LUX get back quickly after its splatted when on the battlefield.
  • As it has Tenta Missiles, it can help backliners on its team such as the Heavy Splatling and Splat Charger by taking care of enemy backliners.


  • The REEF-LUX takes time to charge its bullets, so weapons that can rush it down before it can charge them-such as the Splash-o-matic-can take care of REEF-LUX users with some ease.
  • The REEF-LUX's bullets have slight diffusion, so weapons with high mobility that can avoid its one-shot such as the Dark Tetra Dualies can avoid getting splatted.

Gear Abilities

This is a list of abilities that are generally good for the REEF-LUX.

S3 Ability Opening Gambit.png Opening Gambit

Opening Gambit is good for the REEF-LUX because of its ability to swiftly splat opponents. Since its bullets diffuse and have a good chance to hit an opponent, it can also assist teammates in splatting opponents to keep the ability going. The effects of the ability are very useful, too. It increases movement speed, which the REEF-LUX can utilize well.

S3 Ability Special Charge Up.png Special Charge Up

Special Charge Up is also popular because of the REEF-LUX's ability to spam Tenta Missiles. Getting Tenta Missiles faster and more often will help it be more supportive.

S3 Ability Swim Speed Up.png Swim Speed Up

Swim Speed Up helps the REEF-LUX be more mobile. Swim Speed Up helps it get to places quicker and makes it more unpredictable while fighting, because it can hold a charge.

S3 Ability Quick Respawn.png Quick Respawn

If the player decides to play REEF-LUX aggressively, Quick Respawn can help the REEF-LUX respawn quicker and have less downtime after being splatted.

S3 Ability Quick Super Jump.png Quick Super Jump

Quick Super Jump can help the player get back in the game quicker after respawning and escape quicker when being pursued.

S3 Ability Special Saver.png Special Saver

When playing aggressively, Special Saver decreases the amount of special lost after respawning. This works well because the REEF-LUX can get splatted a lot, and can help the player regain the special charge they had before getting splatted.

S3 Ability Comeback.png Comeback

Comeback increases the mobility of the REEF-LUX for a short time after spawning. As stated earlier, extra mobility can help the REEF-LUX a lot. And if playing aggressive, the REEF-LUX can get splatted a lot.

S3 Ability Special Power Up.png Special Power Up

Special Power Up can help the REEF-LUX as a support weapon. Special Power Up increases the radius of the Tenta Missile's lock-on reticle, increasing the chance that it locks onto multiple enemies that are spread out. It also increases the paint coverage of the Tenta Missiles, allowing for more control over enemy turf.

S3 Ability Ink Resistance Up.png Ink Resistance Up

The REEF-LUX does not paint the player's feet well and is vulnerable while charging, so stepping in enemy ink is nearly unavoidable in fights. Ink Resistance Up helps the REEF-LUX retain some of its mobility while fighting and decreases the rate at which the player takes damage in enemy ink.

In competitive play

In the beginning of Splatoon 3, REEF-LUX was considered good, solely due to its ability to spam Tenta Missiles. However, after the Tenta Missiles received a nerf that reduced the capability of weapons to spam it, the REEF-LUX became unviable. Even after the REEF-LUX received a buff that somewhat fixed one of its greatest weaknesses, its weapon kit was still considered bad for it.

Currently, the REEF-LUX does not see much competitive use aside from a few players. It is most commonly used in Splat Zones due to its high turfing ability. The REEF-LUX has also seen use in tournaments where Turf War is used for bracket seeding, such as in the Splatoon 3 North American Championship 2023.