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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.

S&F Random Restrictions

S&F Random Restrictions

Organizer Scarth
Type Online
Location Squidboards
Format Double-Elimination
Modes Splat Zones
Tower Control
Date 30 January 2016
Winner Name Subject to Change

S&F Random Restrictions was a Splatoon online tournament held on January 30th, 2016.[1] The tournament was unique in that it featured a set of restrictions among teams allowing for interesting match-ups and use of weapons not often seen in tournaments.

It was the third tournament in the S&F tournament series.


The standings for the event are as follows:[2]

Place Team
1st Name Subject to Change
2nd SpeedRunsLive
3rd JFG (Just For Giggles)
4th On the Bounce
5th cF
7th Blackbelly Blinks
oL (Octarian Legion)


This tournament featured a set of restrictions, four of which were randomly selected at each round. These restrictions were to be taken into account by teams when selecting their weapons/gear for that round. The restrictions were generated at the start of each round. In the event of contradicting restrictions, some were re-rolled.

List of restrictions: