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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.

Splatoon Stronghold
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Launched May 28th, 2022
Discord Splatoon Stronghold
Guidebook Splatoon Esports Guidebook
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Splatoon Stronghold is a project to create a "Stronghold for competitive Splatoon providing resources to longtimers and newcomers alike"[1]. Stronghold has released an announcement video for the project explaining what it was and why.[2]

The project utilises a Discord server for interaction, a Google document for sharing, and a website for searching.

Project History

Splatoon Stronghold Project Roadmap.jpg

Inspired by a lack of accessibility to resources in the competitive scene, the founder of the project spoke with other players about their competitive journeys and how they learned information (nearly all of that information being learnt by experience and not through resources)[Citation needed].

The project went public on April 12th 2022[3], with the Discord server announced on April 26th and released publicly on May 28th to celebrate Splatoon's 7 year anniversary.[4] On June 9th, the Discord server became available on Discord's Server Discovery feature. [5]

The project's roadmap was released alongside the guide and handbook after, on June 18th and July 21st respectively. [6]

On June 18th, 2022, the project's second part in its three-phase plan was released with the announcement of the Splatoon Esports Guidebook[7].

The project's website launced July 21st, 2022 to celebrate Splatoon 2's anniversary. [8]

Discord Server

Stronghold's Discord Server has a getting started in competitive guide found in the main channels[Citation needed]. There are sections devoted to listing resources, providing a captain forum, hosting weapon and game discussion channels, finding scrimmages, requesting VOD recordings, and looking for people to play the game with. Below the various sections are fully listed and explained

  • Welcome - Starting section for the server where rules, announcements, role request channels, and a getting started in competitive guide are listed as well as various Discord servers and websites one should be familiar with.
  • Server Information - This section lists a map of the server, a change log, various forms, and a part giving credit to those who have contributed to the project.
  • Community - The general discussion channels of the server can be found here as well as the server's helpdesk.
  • Promotion - Dedicated channels for promoting clips, art, YouTube links, Twitch channels, Discord servers, and other content are provided here.
  • Resources - Various resources such as tutorials, video & document guides can be found here along with a history of Splatoon's meta.
  • Scrimmages - Here you can find scrimmages to play in with your team or in a pickup. Draft servers can also be found here.
  • Recruitment - This is where you can find players for your team or find a team to join.
  • Captain Forum - A forum for captains of teams to share knowledge with each other and give advice on how to lead a team.
  • Weapon Discussion - Channels dedicated for discussing in game weapons can be found here.
  • Game Discussion - Various game-related channels such as advice, lore, gear, meta, or game-specific chats can be found here.
  • VODs - This is where you can request to have to have someone record a video of your scrimmages for review later.
  • Tournaments - Tournament and event news is posted here along with a list of major tournament organizations.
  • Content Creators - Notable Twitch streamers and YouTube channels are listed here as well as other content creators.
  • Looking for Game - Here you can find other players to play Turf War, League Battles, Salmon Run, or Private Battles with.


The Splatoon Esports Guidebook was created to help new players get started in the scene while also serving as a reference guide throughout their competitive journey whether that be competing in or contributing to the scene.


A website has been planned to help promote the competitive scene and give greater accessibility to resources of everyone.