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The Squid House

The Squid House

Organizer EndGameTV
Type Online
Date 6 December 2020
Winner USA FTWaveDash

The Squid House was a Splatoon 2 tournament created in response to Nintendo's announcement that the livestream for the Top 4 teams in the Splatoon 2 North American Open December 2020 would be cancelled. The tournament organizers had cited "unexpected executional challenges" as the reason, but the community had speculated that the true reason may be due to 30% of the teams using names related to Super Smash Bros. Melee, as its competitive scene was in protest after The Big House Online was cancelled when its organizers were issued a cease and desist letter by Nintendo for using the unauthorized Project Slippi.[1] This tournament's name is a reference to said cancelled Melee tournament, The Big House. The top 4 teams in Nintendo's tournament agreed to drop out on the day of the finals and compete in this tournament instead.[2]

The tournament broke records in the Splatoon 2 competitive community as it had the largest prize pool to date, with $25,000 going to the participants and an additional $3,000 going to charity, and around 7,000 viewers.[3]


The standings for the event are as follows:

Place Team
1st FTWaveDash
2nd Melee Lights (Southern Lights + 1)
3rd Melee Nation (Bocut Nation)
4th Slippi


Commentary was provided on EndGameTV's Twitch channel by Neenjaa and rissa.