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Base damage 95 (Direct impact)
35-60 (Splash)
Base duration 12 sec (without zipping or using the Main Weapon)
Ink consumption
Special points
Special depletion
Strengths Able to get behind opponents, armor during travel, pressuring opponents from off-angles
Weaknesses Recall when special ends can be exploited, vulnerable throughout special

This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
For information about Zipcaster, see Zipcaster.

Splatoon 3


  • How long the player's Zipcaster special lasts depends on how much ink is consumed; because of this, players may be advised to not use their main weapon.

A player using Zipcaster can reach unreachable inkable areas to give a bigger advantage to their team. In modes, like Turf War, Zipcaster can also divert the attention of nearby enemies to give teammates extra time. In Anarchy Battle modes like Tower Control, the Zipcaster can zipcast to the tower to take control of it. In Clam Blitz and Rainmaker the Zipcaster can zipcast to the other team's base to push them back, giving the Zipcaster's team a brief grace period of time. While grappling, the player receives a small amount of armor, similar to the armor you get from a squid roll or squid surge.

Post version 2.0.0, the ink consumption when using the main weapon while Zipcaster is active is decreased by 67%.


The Zipcaster can be a good special in all game modes, depending on how the player uses the special. With Zipcaster the player can reach backliners forcing them to retreat. Specials that also do this, such as Inkjet and Kraken Royale should not be paired with the Zipcaster, due to their similar nature.


  • The Zipcaster's recall point is marked, allowing it to be exploited, granted the player does not have certain abilities such as Drop Roller on, which allows the player to dodge attacks after super jumping. However, the Splatana Stamper can immediately charge slash upon its landing, which can splat opponents instantly when there is an opponent that is nearby and tries to exploit the recall jump.
  • Chargers can catch Zipcasters in air depending on how far the Zipcaster is from the Charger.
  • Forcing a player into the abyss, or other obstacles which normally splats a player ends the special early; returning the Zipcaster back to their recall point.
  • Zipcasters are vulnerable throughout the entirety of their special.
    • Other damage doing specials like Trizooka and Ultra Stamp can splat a Zipcaster, though using specials to splat Zipcasters is unnecessary.