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Hey! I was just checking out the version history for this page and was wondering if we could revert to the change before that last one (idk if it has a specific name) because the weakness of having no bomb being deleted is subjective, and should probably still be listed. --π•Žπ• π• π•žπ•ͺπ”Ύπ•šπ•£π•πŸ πŸ<γ‚³:彑 (talk) 14:43, 15 November 2021 (UTC)

Well it is true that Disruptor is good that it makes up for not having a bomb so I think it's good how it is now :) ChessMaster [TALK] 17:43, 15 November 2021 (UTC)
But every situation in which you would use a disruptor would be better served by using a bomb that can actually splat someone. Heddy (talk) 00:07, 17 November 2021 (UTC)
Maybe something like "The disruptor sub is helpful in some circumstances, but having no bomb can also be a weakness." would be good.--π•Žπ• π• π•žπ•ͺπ”Ύπ•šπ•£π•πŸ πŸ<γ‚³:彑 (talk) 14:29, 17 November 2021 (UTC)
that seems to work! I'll add that ChessMaster [TALK] 14:59, 17 November 2021 (UTC)