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Gear abilities

Similar to the N-ZAP '89, the Vanilla Jet Squelcher has climbed the recent (Version 5.5) meta due to the increased importance of Tenta Missiles. However, fewer than 300 Jet Squelcher builds have been submitted to,[1] limiting the statistical information regarding gear abilities.

Beyond the Big Three Subs (Bomb Defense Up DX, Ink Resistance Up, and Quick Super Jump),[2] Object Shredder and Main Power Up look like definite choices. While the Jet Squelcher's base damage already exceeds 30 HP (the amount needed to break Ink Armor in one shot), Object Shredder guarantees a one-shot Ink Armor removal for falloff shots, particularly when a Jet Squelcher user is providing support fire from a distance. Main Power Up reduces shot angle deviance and increases shot velocity and, thus, shot range. While Special Charge Up is popular, the low special gauge requirement means that not too much is necessary to be effective. Beyond these three, a small amount of Ink Recovery Up can alleviate the relatively high ink usage (1.6%, greater than .52 Gal's 1.3%), and Swim Speed Up is useful for almost all weapons.

I would like some feedback from others involved in the Competitive page writing. What do you think?

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