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The credits board of Splatoon in Octo Valley.

The credits appear in both Splatoon and Splatoon 2, where they display the names of the staff who made the respective games.



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In Splatoon, the staff credits are automatically seen after a special segment of Inkopolis News following DJ Octavio's defeat in the mission Enter the Octobot King!. They can be replayed at any time after by pressing Button1 A.png in front of the floating credits board that appears opposite Cap'n Cuttlefish in Octo Valley.

During the credits, staff names and various pieces of art can be revealed by ink from an unseen Shooter, aimed with Button1 RS.png or Button1 LS.png and fired with Button1 ZR.png, or by using Burst Bombs (that appear to be the regular multiplayer bombs instead of the special Agent 3 version) with Button1 R.png that uses a different color ink. The ink changes color over time and there are also balloons that can be popped and Squee-Gs that clean ink. It ends with a copyright statement that is visible regardless of ink, followed by a thank-you message with female and male versions of Agent 3, one on each side. Pressing Button1 A.png will then end the credits. On subsequent viewings via the credits board, they can be ended at any time by with Button1 B.png.

The Squid Sisters' song Maritime Memory plays during the credits.

Splatoon 2

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In Splatoon 2, the staff credits are also automatically seen after a special segment of Inkopolis News airs after defeating Octo Canyon's final boss in the mission Tide Goes Out. Off the Hook takes song requests after celebrating Callie's return, and the Squid Sisters' new single Fresh Start is selected after being requested by someone called "Freshly Fried Boy". As such, Fresh Start plays in the credits. The credits can be viewed again at any time in Tentakeel Outpost by pressing Button1 A.png in front of a TV screen that Marie apparently had Sheldon install so that Agent 4 could listen to Fresh Start again. This screen is situated near the manhole leading back to Inkopolis Square.

The credits function and control identically to the first game's, where the player can shoot ink to reveal staff names and art. The ink also gradually changes color over time, and the ink from Burst Bombs is of a different colour to other ink. The names of the developers are also stylized and contain various references. Just before ending, after all the names have been shown, there is a shot of female Agent 4 with a pair of dualies followed by the closing art of Callie, Marie and DJ Octavio sitting on top of a truck with Sheldon at the bottom.

SplatNet 2

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The credits are found at the bottom of the Home page. SplatNet 2 was developed by Hatena and published by Nintendo. Every staff member is listed in the credits alongside the icon of their favourite weapon.

Octo Expansion

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Splatoon 2's DLC campaign, Octo Expansion, features its own credits, which are seen immediately after defeating the final boss, Commander Tartar, in Turf War. Unlike the previous staff credits, the player is not able to shoot ink or interact with the credits. Instead, characters are seen watching the credits, which is projected from Agent 8's CQ-80, while they sit and stand on platforms held by helicopter over the sea around Inkopolis. The sun rises in the background and each character moves slightly over the course of the credits, such as Pearl and Marina talking to each other or Agent 8 looking over to the clearing sun after the clouds obscured it. The credits can be viewed again at Central Station by going over to the broken blender and having Agent 8 reminiscing about the event by choosing "Remember the light", which directly cuts to the credits. The other option, "Remember the fight", still shows the credits after the player defeats the final boss.

Off the Hook's song Into the Light plays during these credits.


  • The credits for Splatoon 2 and Octo Expansion has art of Hisashi Nogami, the producer for the game, striking a pose that he became known for during both presentations that officially revealed the game and the DLC. The first pose has him making a "2" for Splatoon 2, and the second pose resembles an "8" for the Octo Expansion.
  • When the credits end for Splatoon 2, the colors for the ink shot and the Burst Bombs become pink and green respectively which are Callie and Marie's colors as well as Splatoon 2's primary colors used in promotional material.


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