Crush Station

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Not to be confused with the Octo Expansion levels called stations.

Crush Station is a shoe shop in Splatsville that appears in Splatoon 3. It is run by Mr. Coco.


SRL Fashion Desk keeping it rolling with a report on Crush Station - your source for footwear, from sneakers to sandals. Don't be intimidated by the shopkeeper Mr. Coco. He never skips Claw Day, but he also never skips Kindness Day, so we think you'll find he's a big softy.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]



Its name is a pun on "crustacean".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ココナッツクラブ
Kokonattsu Kurabu
Coconut Club, and a pun on "coconut crab"
Netherlands Dutch Krab voor Stap Crab by Step, from krab ("crab") and stap voor stap ("step-by-step")
France French Pied Agile Agile foot, a pun on Pieds d'argile (feet of clay)
Germany German Pumpstation A pun on "Pump station" (gas station) and "Pumps" (high-heeled shoes)
Italy Italian Chelescarpe From Chele (crab claws) and scarpe (shoes)
Russia Russian Водокач
Spain Spanish Calzando Fuerte From Calzar (to wear shoes) + Fuerte (strong)
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 椰子俱樂部
Yēzi jùlèbù
Coconut Club, a pun on "coconut crab"
South Korea Korean 코코넛 크랩
kokoneos keulaeb
Coconut Crab
Portugal Portuguese Crush Station Same as English