Dead Sea

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Dead Sea is a song in Splatoon 3 by Firefly. It plays in Landfill Dreamland in Return of the Mammalians.


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Dead Sea has a very rustic feel to it, with almost metal pipe-sounding noises, and a steady pulsing rhythm. A consistent drum beat can be heard as well. At the very beginning, an almost scream-like sound can be heard. Following this, a lively beat is played, up until 0:35, where the beginning scream-like sound is played again. The loop follows this, up until when a part of Maritime Memory can be heard at about 0:58. A brief 'bridge' plays, and connects to the song repeating itself at 1:19, although, the beginning scream is not present the second time around.


Dead Sea has 4 phases. Each phase advances to the next by collecting gold records. Phase 1 being what Agent 3 will hear before any golden records are collected. Phase 4 being the final and complete version of Dead Sea which Agent 3 will hear when all of Landfill Dreamland's golden records are collected.


The Dead Sea is a real-world salt lake bordering Israel, Palestine, and Jordan, named for the scarcity of aquatic life due to its high salinity.