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When an opponent is hit with a Disruptor, their speed is decreased significantly, making them an easy target—they’re also surrounded by several swimming squid icons, making them easy to spot, even when swimming. In addition to reducing their speed, Disruptor also increases the ink consumption of their weapons while reducing the rate at which their ink tank is replenished. In short, this is a great way to disable opponents. The Disruptor has a sphere-like blast radius. Any opponents caught within this sphere are affected. For best results, toss these in congested areas like chokepoints or Splat Zones where you’re likely to affect multiple opponents.
— Splatoon Prima Guide
Judd's Advice
Meow! (Hit a foe with a Disruptor, and their movement will be slowed down! They'll take longer to recharge ink, too, giving you the clear advantage. If you get hit by one yourself, it may be wise to hide until it wears off. Or you could choose to fight anyway, if you have the ink reserves!)